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Replacing the Engine Oil Filters With the Engine Stopped
Hot oil and components can cause personal injury.Do not allow hot oil or components to contact skin.
Perform the following procedure after the oil has been drained.
Illustration 1 g00760383
(1) Drain
(2) Drain valve
(3) Plug
(4) Bolts
(5) Cover
Connect a hose to drain (1). Place the other end of the hose into a suitable container in order to collect the oil.
Open drain valve (2). Remove plug (3). Allow the oil to drain. Clean the plug and install the plug. Close the drain valve. Remove the hose from the drain.Note: Some oil will remain in the housing after the oil has been drained. This oil will pour out of the housing when cover (5) is removed. Prepare to catch the oil in a suitable container. Clean up any spilled oil with absorbent pillows or towels. DO NOT use absorbent particles to clean up the oil.
Illustration 2 g00760382
Section view
(4) Bolts
(5) Cover
(6) O-ring seal
(7) Oil filter element
Remove bolts (4) and the washers in order to remove cover (5) and O-ring seal (6). Remove oil filter elements (7).
Clean cover (5), O-ring seal (6), and the inside of the oil filter housing.
Caterpillar oil filters are built to Caterpillar specifications. Use of an oil filter not recommended by Caterpillar could result in severe engine damage to the engine bearings, crankshaft, etc., as a result of the larger waste particles from unfiltered oil entering the engine lubricating system. Only use oil filters recommended by Caterpillar.
Ensure that the new oil filter elements are in good condition. Install the new oil filter elements.
Inspect O-ring seal (6). Ensure that the surfaces for the O-ring seal are clean. Install a new O-ring seal if the old O-ring seal is damaged or deteriorated.
Install cover (5) and O-ring seal (6). Ensure that the cover's retainer is properly seated.
Start the engine. Check for oil leaks.
Check the oil level on the "LOW IDLE" side of the oil level gauge. Maintain the oil level between the "ADD" and "FULL" marks on the "LOW IDLE" side of oil level gauge.Replacing the Engine Oil Filters During Engine Operation
Filter contains hot pressurized fluid when engine is running.Follow instructions on control valve to avoid personal injury.
If the filter is changed during rapid air movement, an explosive vapor may be created. The explosive vapor may result in personal injury or in death.If rapid air movement exists, stop the engine in order to change the filter.
If the engine is equipped with duplex oil filters, the engine oil filter elements can be changed while the engine is operation. This is useful if the oil filter elements require more frequent replacement than the engine oil.
Move the control valve to the "AUX RUN" position in order to change the main oil filter elements. Move the selector valve to the "MAIN RUN" position in order to change the auxiliary oil filter elements.
Allow the oil pressure gauge for the oil filter that is being changed to reach a "ZERO" pressure reading.
Perform Step 1 through Step 7 of "Replacing the Engine Oil Filters With the

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