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3904575 HOSE AS Caterpillar parts 777G HOSE
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Caterpillar 3904575 HOSE AS

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TRUCK  777G  
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Required Tools
Illustration 1 g01089423
Tooling (A)
Illustration 2 g02094501
Tooling (B) is the 198-4240 Digital Pressure Indicator Gp.
Table 1
Required Tools
Tooling Item Part
Number Description Qty
A A1 8T-0855 Pressure Gauge
4000 kPa (580 psi) 1
A2 6V-3989 Fitting 1
A3 6V-4143 Coupler 2
A4 177-7861 Hose As
41370 kPa (6000 psi) 1
B 198-4240 Digital Pressure Indicator Group
B1 198-4234 Digital Pressure Indicator 1
B2 198-4237 Pressure Sensor (0 to 500 psi) 1
B3 198-4236 Adapter Cable As 1 Machine Preparation
Move the machine to a smooth horizontal location.
Lower all of the implements.
Illustration 3 g02094594
(P) Pressure Tap
Locate pressure tap (P) on the machine. Pressure tap (P) is located above the five pressure taps for the transmission at the rear of the machine.
Attach tooling (A or B) to pressure tap (P).Test Procedure
Start the engine. Warm the power train oil to a temperature of 84° 8°C (183° 14°F).
Operate the engine at LOW IDLE. Make sure that the steering control lever is in the NEUTRAL position.
Check the pressure at tooling (A or B). The pressure at tooling (A or B) should be 2585 105 kPa (375 15 psi).Reference: See Specifications, Systems Operation/Testing and Adjusting, "Pressure Charts" in this module for additional pressure values.
If the pressure at tooling (A or B) is not within the specified limits, perform the following adjustment procedure.Adjustment Procedure
Illustration 4 g02094054
(2) Relief Valve
(3) Cover
(4) Bolts
The transmission relief valve (2) is located behind cover (3) on the right side.
Loosen and remove bolts (4).
Remove cover (3).
Illustration 5 g02118674
(5) Relief Valve
(6) Transmission Control Valves
Illustration 6 g02118744
(5) Relief Valve
(7) Locking cap
(8) Adjustment Screw
Loosen locking cap (7) on relief valve (5). Maintain the position of adjustment screw (8).Note: One turn of the adjustment screw changes the relief valve setting by 117 kPa (17 psi).
Turn adjustment screw (8) by the desired amount.
Tighten locking cap (7) to a torque of 18 4 N m (13 3 lb ft).
Perform the test procedure again. Readjust the relief valve, if necessary.
Install cover (3) with bolts (4).Worksheet
Table 2
D8T Test for the Transmission Relief Valve Pressure
Date Equipment ID Code
Item Specification Actual
Low Idle (P) 2585 104 kPa (375 15 psi)

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