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HOSE AS 3905022 - Caterpillar

3905022 HOSE AS Caterpillar parts HOSE
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 3905022 HOSE AS

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Main Cabinet Components
Illustration 1 g02364999
(1) Front panel (2) Air outlets (3) Rear panel (4) Air inlets (5) Cable exit from cabinet (6) Cable trough (if applicable) (7) Normal AC input connection (8) Bypass AC input connection (9) Load connection (10) Battery connection
Illustration 2 g02366117
(15) Rectifier/charger module (16) Static - bypass module (17) VETI board (18) UPOZ/UCOZ board (19) Rack for electronic boards (20) Media Contacts 11 board (21) Slot for communications boards (22) MUSI board (23) FUS output fuses (24) Control wire routing (25) Control - wire connection (auxiliary Media Contacts 11 circuits and communications options) (26) Load connection (27) Bypass AC input connection (28) Battery connection (29) Normal AC input connection (30) Fuses for overvoltage protection RC circuit on bypass (31) EP0I Board (32) FUE input fuses (33) Static - bypass module (34) RALI board (35) Backfeed protection (contactor) (36) Inverter moduleBattery Cabinet
Illustration 3 g02366397
(45) front panel (46) rear panel (47) cable ties to duck board shelf (48) cable exit through the bottom (49) Cable trough (if applicable) (50) QF1 circuit breaker (in the open position) (51) Cable exit to an additional battery cabinet (if applicable) (52) Cable ties to duck board shelf (53) Cable exit to battery connection point in UPS cabinet (54) Connection of exposed conductive parts to duck board shelfMaintenance Bypass Cabinet
350 Amp Cabinet
Illustration 4 g02366476
(60) MBP terminals (61) Critical load (62) F1, F2 (63) Transfer initiate (SI) (64) Electric interlock (KA) (65) TB1 (66) CB2 UPS isolation Q5N (67) CB1 maintenance bypass Q3BP (68) UPS terminals (69) Ground (70) Neutral1200 Amp Cabinet
Illustration 5 g02366679
(75) Neutral (NOT SHOWN) (76) Multi circuit monitor board (77) Multi circuit monitor board (78) F1, F2, F3 TO F8 (79) Transfer initiate (SI) (80) Electric interlock (KA) (81) TB2 (82) CB2 (Q5N) (83) CB1 (Q3BP) (84) UPS output (85) TB1 (86) Control wire routing (87) Removable panel for control and power conduit entry (88) Forklift openings (89) Seismic mounting cutouts (90) Seismic hole location (91) Removable panels for power conduit entry (92) Ground (93) Maintenance bypass (94) T1 (95) Display meter (96) Critical load

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