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HOSE AS 3905029 - Caterpillar

3905029 HOSE AS Caterpillar parts HOSE
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Caterpillar 3905029 HOSE AS

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Working with electrical circuits is hazardous. Bodily contact with electrical potential will cause personal injury or death. Ensure that personnel are trained in proper operating procedures in order to ensure safe operation.
Installation compliance with all local, state, and regional electrical codes and ordinances must be completed by qualified personnel that are trained and certified. Operation of the UPS should only be carried out by trained personnel. The compliance also includes the operations that are related to the battery cabinet.
Parallel UPS Unit for Increased Output
Illustration 1 g02361044
Control Panel (1) Rectifier/charger light (2) Battery light (3) Static-bypass light (4) Inverter light (5) Load light (6) Buzzer (7) Inverter ON button (8) Inverter OFF button (9) Scroll Up/Increment key (10) Scroll Down/Decrement key (11) Validate key (12) Main Menu key (13) Voltage Measurement key (14) Current Measurement key (15) Frequence and Power Measurement key (16) Anomaly light (17) Primary Message key (18) Battery key (19) Forced-transfer (20) Alarm reset (21) Buzzer reset (22) Display
Illustration 2 g02345901
Circuit Breaker DiagramThe fuses are to protect against catastrophic rectifier and inverter semiconductor failure that could be caused by the normal AC source or the load.Normal AC input (30) - Three-phase 480 VAC 60 Hz line voltage. Utilized in Normal operation to support the load.Bypass AC input (31) - Three-phase 480VAC 60Hz line voltage utilized in Bypass or Maintenance operations to support the load.Q1 (32) - Isolates the rectifier/charger (A) from the normal AC source (30). Q1 is a molded circuit breaker.Rectifier/charger module (A) - Converts three-phase AC power from the normal AC source supply (30) into DC power for the normal inverter (B) input. This module float charges or recharges the battery (D) .Inverter module (B) - Converts the DC power supplied by the rectifier/charger module (A) or the battery unit (D) into three-phase AC power for the load.Q5N (33) - Q5N is a switch that can isolate the UPS system from the load.QF1 (34) - QF1 is a circuit breaker for battery (D) protection and isolation.Battery unit (D) - The battery unit provides backup power for the inverter (B) in the event of a voltage drop or a normal AC input (20) failure.Static bypass module (C) - Ensures the instantaneous transfer of the load to the bypass AC source input (31) in the event of an inverter (B) shutdown. The shutdown can be initiated by the user, by a protective device, or a sudden load.Q4S (36) - Q4S is a switch that isolates the static bypass (C) from the bypass AC source input (31) .Q3BP (35) - Q3BP is a switch to isolate the UPS for maintenance. During maintenance the Q3BP transfers the load to the bypass AC source input (31) without interrupting the supply of power.Note: The normal AC input and the bypass AC input have different functions. Depending in the installation, each input may be protected differently upstream and/or come from different sources.
Illustration 3 g02362617
(7) Inverter ON button (8) Inverter OFF button (23a) "Q3BP" (24a) "Q5N" (25) "Q4S" (26) "QF1" (27) "Q1"Parallel UPS Startup

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