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HOSE AS 5V3844 - Caterpillar

5V3844 HOSE AS Caterpillar parts 611, 615, 615C HOSE
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Caterpillar 5V3844 HOSE AS
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WHEEL TRACTOR  611   615   Caterpillar
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(1) Torque for four bolts that hold the bearing caps to the differential carrier ... 1100 100 N m (820 75 lb ft)(2) Torque for 36 bolts that hold the bevel gear to the differential case (with 2P-2506 Lubricant on washer faces and bolt threads and tightened by hand) ... 440 14 N m (320 10 lb ft)(3) Torque for 12 bolts that fasten cage (9) to the carrier ... 135 20 N m (100 15 lb ft)(13) 7D-4893 Spring: Length under test force ... 68.3 mm (2.69 in)Test force ... 426 22 N (95.7 4.8 lb)Free length after test ... 75.7 mm (2.98 in)Outside diameter ... 23.80 mm (.937 in)Adjustment Of Pinion Bearing Preload And Backlash
1. Install the bearings on pinion (4) and install pinion (4) in the carrier.2. Use shims (12) as needed behind cage (9) to put enough preload on the pinion bearings so the torque needed to turn pinion (4) is ... 2.2 0.6 N m (20 5 lb in) Do not install seal (10) in cage (9) until after the adjustment is made. Turn the pinion slowly while the adjustment is made.3. Install the differential assembly in the carrier.4. Install the bearing caps and bolts. At this time, do not tighten the bolts to full torque.5. Put the carrier in a position so the centerline for the axles is vertical and the bevel gear teeth are toward the top.6. Use a dial indicator to measure the backlash between bevel gear (11) and pinion (4) at four points on the bevel gear. Find the average backlash. Turn adjustment ring (6) until the average backlash is ... 0.36 0.13 mm (.014 .005 in)7. Use a dial indicator to measure the amount of change in dimension (B). Turn adjustment ring (14) to get the maximum preload on carrier bearings, until dimension (B) has an increase of ... 0.18 0.05 mm (.007 .002 in)8. After the adjustments have been made, tighten bolts (1) to a torque of ... 1100 100 N m (820 75 lb ft)Adjustment Of Differential Thrust Stops
To get the correct preload (A) between pin (8) and bearing cap (15) of the carrier assembly, use the procedure that follows:1. Install the differential carrier into the axle housing.2. Install pin (8) and the cover. Do not install shims (16) at this time.3. Tighten bolt (7) evenly until pin (8) is against bearing cap (15) of the carrier assembly. Use a feeler gauge to measure the distance between the cover and the axle housing.4. Make a thickness of shims the same as the distance measured minus 0.05 0.03 mm (.002 .001 in). Install shims (16) between the cover and the axle housing.

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Caterpillar parts catalog
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