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Caterpillar 0878191 HOUSING FAN

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Personal injury can result from rotating and moving parts. Stay clear of all rotating and moving parts.Never attempt adjustments while the machine is moving or the engine is running unless otherwise specified.The machine must be parked on a level surface and the engine stopped.Attach a "Do Not Operate" or similar warning tag to the start switch and controls before servicing, repairing, or making adjustments to the machine.
Table 1
Test Specifications    
Date    Product or Component SN    
Location    Specification    Actual    
Conveyor drag drive chain tension.     6 mm (0.24 inch)        Introduction
This procedure provides the method used to check and adjust the tension of the drag drive chains. Test Preparation
Drive the machine to a smooth, horizontal surface.
Illustration 1 g03667723
Move propel lever (4) to the NEUTRAL position.
Press parking brake switch (5) in order to change the status of the parking brake to "engaged". When the parking brake status is "engaged", LED (2) next to the parking brake switch will be illuminated.
Use travel mode switch (3) to select the PAVE mode. When the travel mode switch is set to PAVE mode, an LED next to PAVE symbol (1) will be illuminated.Note: The machine must be in PAVE mode in order to operate the screed lift system, hopper system, apron system and auger lift system.
Illustration 2 g03667821
Use screed float switch (7) to place the screed in the FLOAT position. When the screed is in the FLOAT position, an LED next to the screed float switch will illuminate. Allow the screed to lower to the ground.
Press the down arrow on throttle control switch (8) once in order to operate the engine in low idle.
Illustration 3 g03429769
Shut off the engine. Either place machine power switch (9) in the OFF position or press and hold push to start switch (6) for 3 seconds. An LED next to the push to start switch will flash when the engine is in shutdown mode.Note: The engine may run for several minutes when placed in the shutdown mode.
If the engine was shut down using the push to start switch (6) , move machine power switch (9) to the OFF position.
Illustration 4 g03662559
Unhook latch (10) , open access door (11) on the left side of the machine.Check Procedure
Illustration 5 g03662991
Measure the forward deflection along rear edge of drive chain (12) , at the midpoint of the chain. Record the reading. Measure the rearward deflection along the rear edge of the chain at the midpoint of the chain. Add the two measurements.
Deflection of drive chain (12) should be 6 mm (0.24 inch).
If deflection of drive chain (12) is outside the specified range, go to "Adjustment Procedure".Adjustment Procedure
Illustration 6 g03662976
Loosen, but do not remove, three bolts (13) .
Illustration 7 g03662916
Loosen lock nut (16) .
Hold bolt (14) , and turn adjustment nut (15) until deflection of drive chain (12) is within the specified range.
Tighten lock nut (16) .
Tighten mounting bolts (13) .
Close left access door (11) and secure latch (10) .

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