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HYDRAULIC AR 5V3675 - Caterpillar

5V3675 HYDRAULIC AR Caterpillar parts 920 HYDRAULIC
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 5V3675 HYDRAULIC AR
Weight: 10 pounds 4 kg.

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WHEEL LOADER  920   Caterpillar
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Do not operate or work on this product unless you have read and understood the instruction and warnings in the relevant Operation and Maintenance Manuals and relevant service literature. Failure to follow the instructions or heed the warnings could result in injury or death. Proper care is your responsibility.
Pressurized System!Hydraulic accumulators contain gas and oil under high pressure. DO NOT disconnect lines or disassemble any component of a pressurized accumulator. All gas pre-charge must be removed from the accumulator as instructed by the service manual before servicing or disposing of the accumulator or any accumulator component.Failure to follow the instructions and warnings could result in personal injury or death.Only use dry nitrogen gas to recharge accumulators. See your Cat dealer for special equipment and detailed information for accumulator service and charging.
Dry nitrogen is the only gas approved for use in the accumulators. The charging of oxygen gas in an accumulator will cause an explosion. An explosion can be eliminated by using nitrogen gas cylinders with standard CGA (Compressed Gas Association, Inc.) No. 580 connectors. When nitrogen gas is ordered, make sure to order the cylinders with CGA No. 580 connectors.Do not rely on color codes or other methods of identification to tell the difference between nitrogen and oxygen cylinders. In any application, never use an adapter to connect your nitrogen charging group to a valve outlet used on both nitrogen, oxygen, or other gas cylinders. BE SURE YOU USE DRY NITROGEN (99.8% purity).
The following changes are adaptable to the products within the listed serial numbers, and are effective with all products after the listed serial numbers.General Warning
Hydraulic accumulators are pressurized vessels and only qualified technicians should perform maintenance.For additional information, refer to Special Instruction, REHS5464, "Accumulator Discharging and Charging Procedures", Systems Operation, Testing and Adjusting, UENR0376, "966M and 972M Wheel Loaders Power Train, Steering, Braking, Hydraulic, and Machine Systems", Systems Operation, Testing and Adjusting, M0067718, "966L and 972L Wheel Loaders Power Train, Steering, Braking, Hydraulic, and Machine Systems", Disassembly and Assembly, UENR5562, "966M, 966M Series XE, 972M and 972M Series XE Wheel Loaders", and Disassembly and Assembly, M0071448, "966L and 972L Wheel Loaders".
Pre-charge Instructions
Check the ride control accumulator for following two conditions:
Ride control accumulator has existing pre-charge (accumulator is exhibiting either low-precharge or high-precharge condition):
When charging an accumulator that has an existing gas pre-charge or discharging an accumulator to lower pre-charge, allow 10 minutes after recharging for the gas temperature and pressure to stabilize and then recheck to ensure that pressure matches appropriate values.
Ride control accumulator has no initial gas pre-charge (accumulator is exhibiting complete discharge condition):
Illustration 1 g06310312
View showing accumulator gas valve assembly
(A) Ring seal
(B) 6 mm Allen wrench
(C) Socket head cap screw
Remove ring seal (A) from the accumulator gas valve assembly and replace with new 222-5765 Ring Seal. Lubricate the new ring seal with mineral oil before installing in the accumulator gas valve assembly.Note: Use a 6mm Allen wrench to overcome the initial torque on the socket head cap screw to ensure proper engagement to the screw

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