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JAW AS 3236099 - Caterpillar

3236099 JAW AS Caterpillar parts MP15, VT30 JAW
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 3236099 JAW AS
Weight: 965 pounds 437 kg.

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Local CAN Data Link (Engine)
The local CAN data link allows communication with the following control systems that are located on the engine:
Engine ECM
Controller for the fuel control valveEther System
Illustration 8 g01665835
Location of the ether solenoids
(67) Ether solenoids The ether injection system is used to introduce ether into the intake air of the engine during engine cranking. The system also ensures that the engine maintains ignition after the engine is running. The system is enabled during cold ambient conditions and the system is fully automatic. The quantity of ether that is injected is controlled by the orifice that is installed in the ether injection system. The air density and the temperature of the engine during engine cranking is used in order to activate the ether injection system. Either the coolant temperature or the intake manifold air temperature is used to determine the temperature of the engine. The atmospheric pressure sensor is used to determine the air density.High Pressure Common Rail Fuel System
Illustration 9 g01643673
Fuel system components
(68) Fuel injectors (left side)
(69) Fuel rail pressure sensor
(70) Power module
(71) Fuel control valve and controller
(72) Electric fuel priming pump
(73) Fuel injectors (right side)
(74) Unfiltered fuel pressure sensor
(75) Temperature sensor for the low-pressure fuel
(76) Manual switch for the electric fuel priming pump
(77) Pressure sensor at the inlet of the fuel priming pump
(78) Filtered fuel pressure sensor
(79) Temperature sensor for the high-pressure fuel The controller for the high pressure common rail fuel system receives a desired rail pressure from the engine ECM. This signal is used by the ECM to determine a setpoint for the fuel control valve. The controller adjusts the fuel control valve in order to match the actual rail pressure to the desired rail pressure.The fuel control valve is a suction throttle. The valve regulates the fuel pressure by limiting the volume of fuel that is available at the inlet of the pump.Electrical power to the controller for the fuel control valve is supplied by the power module. Power to the power module is supplied by the battery for the engine. Voltage from the keyswitch is supplied directly to the controller in order to power up the controller during an ECM powerup. Oil Renewal System (ORS)
This machine is equipped with an oil renewal system. The ORS is used in order to increase the oil change interval for the engine. The productivity of the machine is increased due to the increase of the machine availability. This increase un performance is done without affecting the life of the engine.
Illustration 10 g01667134
Components of the ORS
(80) Solenoid for the ORS
(81) Metering valve for the ORS The ORS meters engine oil that has been filtered into the fuel supply for the engine. The engine consumes the used oil during the normal process of combustion. The amount of oil that is metered is calculated by the engine ECM. The calculation is based on either the actual load factor for the engine or on the fuel consumption for the engine.If the application is equipped with a makeup tank, fresh oil is continuously

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