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2809464 KIT-VALVE Caterpillar parts KIT
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Caterpillar 2809464 KIT-VALVE

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Liners must be installed without O-ring seals and filler band to check liner projection.Measuring Cylinder Liner Projection
In the procedure that follows, the crossbar from a puller assembly is one of the tools used to clamp a liner in position. After the bolts or nuts are tightened, the distance from the bottom edge of the crossbar to the top face of the cylinder block, or spacer plate, must be the same on both sides of the liner. If it is not, do the tightening procedure again. (1) Clean the liner flange, block surface, liner counterbore, and top plate (where used). Remove any nicks on the top of the block or plate. Install liner (1).(2) Seat the liner in the block using the appropriate liner puller adapter (2), two 3H465 Plates or washers (3), crossbar (4) from the 8B7548 Puller Assembly, and two bolts (5) to fit the block bolt holes. Tighten bolts (5) according to the procedure given in the specific Service Manual. (3) If the engine has a spacer plate (6), install a new gasket between the spacer plate and the cylinder block. Use four bolts (7), with two 2F126 Seals under each bolt head, to hold down plate (6). If studs are in the block, use four 8S7219 Spacers (8) and nuts (9). Tighten bolts (7) or nuts (9) according to the procedure given in the specific Service Manual. (4) Loosen bolt (10) until dial indicator (11) can be moved. Place gauge body (12) and dial indicator (11) on the long side of gauge (13).(5) Slide dial indicator (11) down until the point contacts gauge (13) and moves the needle 1/4 revolution clockwise to a vertical position. Tighten bolt (10) and zero indicator (11). (6) Put gauge body (12) on the cylinder block or spacer plate, with the indicator point on the liner flange. Read the dial indicator to find the amount of liner projection. Check projection at four equidistant locations around each cylinder liner. If projection varies more than the high and low specification given in the specific engine Service Manual, remove that liner; turn it to a different position and again install it in the cylinder bore. After installation, again check the projection. If projection is still not within specifications, remove the liner and install it in a different bore. When the projection of each liner is within specifications, mark the liner for radial location and cylinder bore location in the block. (This information will be needed when the liners are removed for installation of the seals and the filler band.)(7) After the projection of each liner is within specifications, average the projection readings of all liners under each cylinder head. Two additional dimensions must be checked; they are as follows: 1. Average difference in projection of any two cylinder liners that are next to each other, under the same cylinder head.2. Average difference in projection between all cylinder liners under the same cylinder head.See the Service Manual for the maximum permissible difference, for

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