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Lafayette 3616 Engine BBRXF00 - Caterpillar

BBRXF00 Lafayette 3616 Engine Caterpillar parts G3616 Lafayette
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Caterpillar BBRXF00 Lafayette 3616 Engine

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GAS ENGINE  G3616   Caterpillar
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Fuel Heaters
Use of a fuel heater can help eliminate some cold weather problems. A fuel heater should be installed so that the fuel is heated before it goes into the first or primary fuel filter. Select a fuel heater that is mechanically simple, yet adequate for the application. The fuel heater should also prevent overheating of the fuel. Disconnect or deactivate the fuel heater in warm weather. A loss of engine power will occur if the fuel supply temperature exceeds 30°C (85°F). Use only thermostatically controlled or self-regulating fuel heaters as recommended. Do not use fuel heaters in warm temperatures.For further information on fuel heaters, contact your Caterpillar dealer.Types of Fuel
Caterpillar diesel engines have the ability to burn a wide variety of fuels. These fuels are divided into two general groups, preferred and permissible.The preferred fuels provide maximum engine service life and performance. They are distillate fuels. They are commonly called diesel fuel, furnace oil, gas oil or kerosene.The permissible fuels are crude oils or blended fuels. Use of these fuels can result in higher maintenance costs and reduced engine service life.Refer to "Fuels for Caterpillar Diesel Engines," Form SEHS7067, for a detailed summary of preferred and permissible fuels and their specifications.Refer to S.A.E. J313 Diesel Fuel Specifications for information about fuel properties, such as ignition quality, gravity/density, viscosity, cloud point, sulfur content, etc.Fuel Cetane Requirement
The minimum fuel cetane number recommended for the direct injection engine is 40.Fuel Cloud Point
Fuel waxing can plug the fuel filters in cold weather. The fuel cloud point must be below the temperature of the surrounding air to prevent filter waxing and power loss. Fuel heating attachments are available from your Caterpillar dealer to minimize fuel filter waxing.Fuel Sulfur Content
The percentage of sulfur in the fuel will affect the engine oil recommendations. Fuel sulfur is chemically changed during combustion to form both sulfurous and sulfuric acid. These acids chemically attack metal surfaces and cause corrosive wear. Certain additives used in lubricating oils contain alkaline compounds that are formulated to neutralize these acids. The measure of this reserve alkalinity in a lubricating oil is known as its Total Base Number (TBN). Higher engine oil TBN values are essential to neutralize the acids from combustion gases and to minimize corrosive wear.Any API performance oil should have sufficient TBN for fuels with less than 0.5% sulfur.If the fuel has over 0.5% sulfur content, the engine oil must have a TBN of 20 times the percentage of fuel sulfur as measured by the ASTM (American Society of Testing Materials) D-2896 method. (ASTM D-2896 can normally be found at your local technological society, library or college.)If the sulfur content in the fuel is greater than 1.5% by weight, use an oil with a TBN of 30 and reduce the oil change interval by one half.Periodically request fuel sulfur content information from your fuel supplier. Fuel sulfur content can change with each bulk delivery.For more information on oil, fuel sulfur content, etc., refer to "Oil and Your Engine," Form

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