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Lafayette 3606 Engine BCCWV00 - Caterpillar

BCCWV00 Lafayette 3606 Engine Caterpillar parts G3606B Lafayette
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Caterpillar BCCWV00 Lafayette 3606 Engine

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GAS ENGINE  G3606B   Caterpillar
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Illustration 1 g06268997
Ground level service center (GLSC)
(40) Manual/remote mode switch
(41) Battery disconnect switchNote: Illustration 1 displays the Manual/remote mode switch is in the rEMOTE position. Battery Disconnect Switch is in the oN position.
Proceed to the Ground Level Service Center (GLSC) at the left fender of the machine.
Place the Manual/Remote mode switch (40) in the remote position.
Stopping the engine immediately after it has been working under load, can result in overheating and accelerated wear of the engine components.Refer to the following procedure, to allow the engine to cool, and to prevent excessive temperatures in the turbocharger housing (if equipped), which could cause oil coking problems.
Note: Refer to the "Stopping the Engine" section of the Operation and Maintenance Manual, M0085769, "Operation" chapter for Operator Console for more information on the "Cool Down" procedure.
Confirm the Blue Indicator Light on top of the machine is on, solid (not flashing).Preliminary Operator Console Checks
Illustration 2 g06228867
Operator console
(1) Engine deceleration lever
(2) Service brake lever
(3) Status display
(4) Implement select switch
(5) High-idle engine speed select dial
(6) Blade float select / winch free spool button
(7) Blade assist mode select / winch option slow mode button
(8) Blade pitch / ripper / winch control knob
(9) Implements control
(10) Implement lockout switch
(11) Machine power / engine crank switch
(12) Parking brake switch
(13) Steering / direction control
(14) Gear shift up / down knob
(15) Avoidance zone LED (not used)
(16) Parking brake LED
(17) Software stop LED
(18) Fire suppression switch (if equipped)
(19) Active fault LED
(20) Implement lockout LED
(21) Battery / wireless status LED
Illustration 3 g06229164
Left side of operator console
(22) Engine high / low idle button
(23) Display select button
Illustration 4 g06229168
Right side of operator console
(24) Operator console power button
(25) Horn button
(26) Operator console commanded stop switch
(27) Not used this machine series
(28) Machine work light button
(29) RFID chip slotOperator Console Pre Start Up Checks
Take note of the area around the machine and walk to the side of the machine about 15 m (50 ft) away.
Confirm that the Operator Console Commanded Stop switch (26) on the remote console is turned off, push in / turn the switch in the clockwise direction to disengage.
Turn the following switches to the default position.
"Implement Lockout" (10) ON
"Parking Brake" (12) ON
"Machine Power / Engine Crank" (11) OFF
"Implement Control" (9) CENTER
"Steering / Direction Control" (13) CENTER
"Fire Suppression" (18) OFF
Make sure that the operator console is upright.Note: The operator console has a built-in inclinometer which prevents operation when the console is tilted past 45 degrees in any direction.Scanning Command for Dozing Operator Console Access Card for Start Up
Ensure that the Parking Brake, the Implement Lockout, and the Machine Power switches are in the default states, and all controls are neutralized.Note: The console will link up to the receiver. However, no switches, buttons, or joysticks will be enabled until all switches are in the default state and all controls are neutralized.
Press Operator Console Power button (24) to power up the console.
Illustration 5 g06246621
Operator console access card scan area
(30) Front-right corner
Within 8 seconds, scan the Operator Console Access Card on the front-right corner of the Operator Console where the indicator label is. A dim

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