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BDC9800 Lafayette 3606 Engine Caterpillar parts 3606 Lafayette
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Caterpillar BDC9800 Lafayette 3606 Engine

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MARINE ENGINE  3606   Caterpillar
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Table 1
Callout Button Description
1 A-Stop Button Used to transmit an A-Stop signal received by any Command machines equipped with the A-Stop system within range. The A-Stop signal will continue to transmit until the A-Stop Reset (5) is pressed.(1)
2 Stop LED Indicator Blinks when A-Stop command is actively being transmitted.
3 Reset Indicator Blinks after an A-Stop Clear message is transmitted.
4 Clear Button Used to signal to any Command machines in the area to exit the A-Stop mode. Each transmitter that has signaled an A-stop must be pressed before the affected machine can resume operation.(2)
5 A-Stop Reset Button Used to stop transmitting the A-Stop signal. The A-Stop Reset button (5) will only stop the transmission of the A-Stop signal, this button will not clear an affected machine to resume operation.
6 Test Button Used to initiate an A-Stop system test(3) between the transmitter and all Command machines in range of the transmitter. The test button (6) is a momentary button.
7 Test/Power Indicator Blinks periodically under normal operation.
8 Alarm Silence Used to silence the audible alarm during an A-Stop event.
9 Low Battery Indicator Used to show a low battery charge.
10 Battery Charge Indicators Used to show the charging status of the transmitter battery.
11 Charging Port Used to charge the transmitter.(4)
(1) Only the transmitter that sent the A-Stop signal can clear the A-Stop command.
(2) Pressing the Clear button (4) does not allow the autonomous machine to resume the task the autonomous machine was assigned before the A-Stop was initiated. The Clear button (4) must be pressed and the user lock removed in the office before the autonomous machine will resume its original assignment it had before the A-Stop was activated.
(3) For Test Station testing when used with the Stop button.
(4) Use only the supplied charger 373-8621 Battery Charger to charge the transmitters.The transmitter has various modes of operation. Refer to Table 2 for more information.
Table 2
Transmitter Modes
Mode Activation of Mode
A-Stop Press and hold the A-Stop button for one second to activate. The stop indicator will start blinking while the A-Stop is active.
A-Stop Reset Press and hold A-Stop Reset button for more than one second but less than six seconds. The test/power will resume blinking. The stop indicator will stop blinking.
Test Press and hold Test button for two or more seconds.
Clear Press and hold the Clear button for two or more seconds. The reset indicator will blink five times and the transmitter will beep five times.
Deep Sleep Press and hold the A-Stop Reset button for more than six seconds. The reset, stop, and test/power indicators will blink once when entering sleep mode. The test/power indicator will not blink when in deep sleep mode. The transmitter will enter deep sleep after 24 hours of inactivity. Battery Charge Indicators
Illustration 2 g03403452
Battery charge indicators
Table 3
Charge Indicator LEDs
Ready LED (Green) Charging LED (Yellow) Fault LED (Red) Indicated Condition Description
X LED illuminates briefly after transmitter is attached to charger. LED will stay illuminated after charging is complete.

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