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Lafayette 3606 Engine BFKBX00 - Caterpillar

BFKBX00 Lafayette 3606 Engine Caterpillar parts G3606B Lafayette
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Caterpillar BFKBX00 Lafayette 3606 Engine

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GAS ENGINE  G3606B   Caterpillar
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Systems Operation
The system uses two sets of four indicator lights to convey system status to the operator and anyone working in the area around the machine. The blue, green, and red indicators are used to convey the remote control system status to anyone working near the machine.Each indicator has 3 circuits:Enable - Is signal line being controlled from the RCM. This signal line must be activated to control the beacon illumination. The RCM uses 24V to send an enable signal to each indicator. The RCM may flash the Indicator by switching the circuit on or off.Power - Is sourced from the Auxiliary Power Relay to power the indicator.Ground - Is common machine ground. (The Green indicator uses the ground to the Mode Select Relay, The Mode Select Relay also sets the RC Enable status of Each ECM).Fault Detection - On the indicator circuits, Power and Ground do not have any diagnostics. The Manned indicator (green) does not have any diagnostics. Diagnostics from the RCM indicator enable are checked at startup when the indicators flash. The diagnostics do not latch but will be logged.The Indicator is Not Illuminated
The indicator has failed
The Power Wire from the machine has an open or low voltage
The Ground Wire to the machine is open, high resistance, or short to Battery +
The Enable wire from the RCM to the indicator is Open or Short to GroundThe Indicator is Illuminated Incorrectly
The indicator has failed
The Enable Wire from the RCM to the indicator is shorted to another circuitIndicator – Test
Remote Control ECM
The following is a list of codes that are associated with the Implement ECM location code of the machine.
Table 1
Remote Control ECM (MID 126)
DTC Code Description System Response
4555 - 06 Unmanned Stop Indicator - Current Above Normal The Blue Mode indicator is not illuminated.
4557 - 06 Unmanned Stop Indicator - Current Above Normal The Yellow Proximity indicator is not illuminated.
4558 - 06 Unmanned Stop Indicator - Current Above Normal The Red Stop indicator is not illuminated. These diagnostics are related to the remote control indicator lights. Indicator Enable is either sourced from the Remote Control ECM (Blue, Red, or Yellow) or machine power (Green). The Manned indicator (green) does not have any diagnostics. Diagnostics are checked at each startup of machine.Possible causes for an FMI 6 diagnostic code are:
The enable wire from Remote Control ECM to the Remote Control indicator is shorted
Illustration 1 g06272051
D8T RC indicator mini schematic
Note: The diagram above is a simplified schematic of the RCM and Indicators. The schematic is electrically correct. However, not all the possible harness connectors are shown. Refer to the latest revision for the complete schematic.Reference: Electrical Schematic, UENR8288Diagnostic Trouble Code Procedure
Note: Prior to beginning this procedure, inspect the harness connectors that are involved in this circuit. Poor connections can often be the cause of a problem in an electrical circuit. Verify that all connections in the circuit are clean, secure, and in good condition. If a problem with a connection is found, correct the problem and verify that the

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