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BGKPD00 Lafayette 3608 Engine Caterpillar parts G3608 Lafayette
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Caterpillar BGKPD00 Lafayette 3608 Engine

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Equipment For Cleaning
It is important that all debris is removed from the oil passages in the crankshaft and cylinder block. Cleaning must be complete and thorough, because cleaning that is not thorough may only result in loosening debris, allowing it to break free and damage bearings and other components after the engine is put into service.
Oil passages must be thoroughly cleaned with brushes to make sure all carbon deposits (sludge) and debris are removed. Good quality brushes are required. The following brushes are available from Caterpillar and are in sizes that will clean all current engine blocks and crankshafts.
When the main oil passage in the cylinder block is cleaned, it will be necessary to weld a 3.18 mm (.125") mild steel rod to the end of the brush handle. Make sure the rod is long enough to let the brush go all the way through the cylinder block. See Illustration 1.
Illustration 1. Weld a steel rod to brushes used to clean long passages such as the main oil gallery in cylinder blocks.Most of the time debris can not be removed completely when only a high pressure wash or a high pressure nozzle is used to clean the oil passages. A nozzle with a high aerated flow or pulsating flow is recommended. One aerated nozzle that can be used is the "Jumbo Jiffy Gun" with "Air Boost." Parts for this tool are shown in the chart that follows. These parts are available from:
The Elliott Company
1809 Sheridan Avenue
Springfield, OH 45505 U.S.A.
Telex: (810) 452-2865
Telephone: (513) 324-4191
Use a 2 to 3% (by volume) alkaline type cleaning solution (detergent) with the cleaning gun (aerated nozzle). The temperature of the cleaning solution must be 43 to 55°C (110 to 150°F).
Special Instructions will be available to give more detailed information about the cleaning equipment and procedures.
Cleaning Procedure For Cylinder Blocks And Crankshafts
Caterpillar recommends to use the procedure that follows to clean the oil passages in all new, used and reconditioned crankshafts and cylinder blocks.
1. Use steam cleaning or a similar method to remove as much external dirt, oil or preservative coating as possible.2. Remove all covers and plugs from the oil passages. See Guideline For Reusable Parts, Visual Inspection Of Crankshafts, Form SEBF8043 for information about crankshaft plug removal.3. Position cylinder blocks upside down (oil pan rails up).4. Use a petroleum base cleaning solvent and the correct size brush in a variable speed drill to loosen debris or carbon deposits (sludge) in all crankshaft or cylinder block oil passages. Operate the drill at approximately 300 rpm. The diameter of the brush must be slightly larger than the diameter of the oil passage that is to be cleaned. Make sure the end of the brush goes to the end of each oil passage. Each oil passage must be cleaned vigorously and repeatedly from every possible direction.
Do not operate the drill unless the end of the brush is in the oil passage. This is important because crankshaft journals can be damaged by the metal end of the

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