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Lafayette 3616 Engine BGPJL00 - Caterpillar

BGPJL00 Lafayette 3616 Engine Caterpillar parts G3616 Lafayette
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Caterpillar BGPJL00 Lafayette 3616 Engine

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GAS ENGINE  G3616   Caterpillar
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To prevent possible injury, do not use the starter motor to turn the flywheel.Hot engine components can cause burns. Allow additional time for the engine to cool before measuring valve clearance.
Measure the valve lash with the engine stopped. To obtain an accurate measurement, allow at least 20 minutes for the valves to cool to engine cylinder head and block temperature.
Adjust the valve clearance to within 0.08 mm (.003 in) of the valve clearance setting given. Refer to the Service Manual or your Caterpillar dealer for the complete valve adjustment procedure.Fuel Injection Timing
Fuel leaked or spilled onto hot surfaces or electrical components can cause a fire.Hot engine components can cause burns. Allow additional time for the engine to cool before adjusting.
See the service manual for complete fuel injection timing adjustment procedure. Special tools are required.Hydraulic System
Change the Oil
Hot oil can cause burns.At operating temperature, the hydraulic tank is hot and under pressure.Remove the fill cover only when the engine is stopped, and the cover is cool enough to touch with your bare hand. Remove the fill cover slowly to relieve pressure.
1. Clean the oil fill cover and the area around it before loosening. Remove the hydraulic oil tank fill cover (1). Loosen the breather (2) to allow oil to flow through the filter faster. 2. The oil drain cap is located under the hydraulic oil tank. 3. Remove the oil drain cap and allow oil to drain into a container.4. Install the cap. 5. Change the hydraulic system filter elements. See "Hydraulic System" in the "Every 1000 Service Hours or 6 Months" section. 6. Open the engine access cover. 7. Remove the plug on the hydraulic oil pump. Leaving the plug out, when filling the hydraulic system with oil, will help purge the air from the system. 8. Fill the hydraulic system oil tank. See "Refill Capacities."When the oil level reaches the top of the pump plug opening, install the plug.9. Inspect the fill cover. Replace it if damaged.10. Install the oil fill cover and the breather.11. Start and run the engine for a few minutes.12. Stop the engine. 13. Maintain the oil level in the middle of the upper sight gauge.14. Close or install all access panels and covers.Cooling System
Change the Coolant
At operating temperature, the engine coolant is hot and under pressure.Steam can cause personal injury.Remove the fill cap only after the engine has been stopped and the fill cap is cool enough to touch with your bare hand.Remove the fill cap slowly to relieve pressure.Cooling system conditioner contains alkali. Avoid contact with the skin and eyes to prevent personal injury.
Do not use Caterpillar liquid cooling system conditioner or a coolant conditioner element with Dowtherm 209 Full-Fill coolant.Dowtherm 209 Full-Fill coolant is not compatible with other antifreezes and coolant mixtures.Caterpillar recommends the use of an permanent-type antifreeze that when mixed with water, will raise the boiling point of the water. This feature helps reduce cylinder liner pitting and cooling system corrosion.If you choose to use Dowtherm 209

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