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BKLPD00 Lafayette 3612 Engine Caterpillar parts G3612 Lafayette
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Caterpillar BKLPD00 Lafayette 3612 Engine

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GAS ENGINE  G3612   Caterpillar
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Piston Pin Retainers
Retainers on assembled cylinder packs are visible by pulling the pistons out of the bottom of the liners exposing the pin bores. Replace all 8N7295 piston pin retainers with 7E5665 retainers.
Cylinder Block - Top Deck
Clean the cylinder block top deck completely with wire brush or Scotchbrite pad. Use caution when cleaning around the liner bores with rotary abrasive pads. The liner seat can be damaged if pad is not held parallel with the block surface. This damage may allow the liner to sink after operation due to reduced seating area. After cleaning, use a flat file to dress the top deck to remove burrs and highlight the original factory milling marks. Carefully inspect each liner seat area for signs of measurable erosion. Determine measurable erosion with an 8T0455 liner projection gauge kit. Measurable erosion generally will destroy the milling mark pattern and exhibit a rough, pebbly surface. If erosion directly under the liner flange measures .025 mm (.001") deep or more with the depth gauge, record these measurements in the Service Report. Repair this damage by counterboring the block deck and installing the thinnest possible stainless steel insert from the parts list. Measurable erosion occurring outside the immediate liner seat area is permissible. This erosion does not affect the stability of the liner nor the sealing ability of the head gasket. This erosion will not clean up by counterboring. A certain amount of measurable erosion under the water ferrules is permissible. Excessive erosion may be filled with 5P3321 Epoxy, 8T9022 RTV Compound, or liquid metal filler. Remove excess compound to level even with the block surface.
Cylinder Block - Counterbore For Liner Seat Inserts
Counterboring all six liner seats to improve liner projection is not claimable under this program. (See section on new service spacer plate.)
Counterbore only the block liner seats that exhibit measurable erosion of .025 mm (.001") or greater. Generally, liner seat erosion resulting from a head gasket failure require counterboring only one or two cylinder liner seats. Use only stainless steel inserts. (See parts list.)
Protect the crankshaft rod journals adjacent to the repair by covering with paper towels and taping. Cover the lifter bore area with paper towels or foam inserts. Install plastic cylinder bore plugs into the lower bore to keep chips off the crankshaft (use Kent Moore USA part no. PT0-2000-101 or equivalent). Tape, plug or coat with heavy grease the two oil supply dowels/holes to prevent chip entry.
Install counterboring tool and tighten the hold down bolts to a torque of 68 N m (50 lb ft). A counterboring tool equipped with a speed handle provides a smoother cut than a tool equipped with a "Tee" style handle by reducing tool chatter caused by start-stop rotation. Machine a maximum of .10 mm (.004") for any one dial setting. Use depth gauge to measure progress when nearing the depth needed to install the thinnest insert (9Y3368 Insert) .824 mm (.0324" thick). Reduce machine depth to .001" per cut until reaching the final depth. Measure

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