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LIFT G 0543710 - Caterpillar

0543710 LIFT G Caterpillar parts LIFT
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 0543710 LIFT G
Weight: 111 pounds 50 kg.

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Approximate fuel consumption: Softwood 1 gal. per 1000 board feetHardwood 1 gal. per 750 board feetPropellor Shaft Size Selection:
For intermediate shaft and tailshaft in marine installationsWhere: D = Diameter in inchesHP = HorsepowerS = Torsional stress in PSI (usually 5000)Shovels and Draglines:
Use manufacturer's recommendations. Torque: (4 cycle only)Torque Converters:
Peak output shaft horsepower: Normally 80% of input horsepower for either single or three-stage converterOutput shaft speed at peak output horsepower: Single-stage - 0.7 to 0.85 engine full load speedThree-stage - 0.5 to 0.6 engine full load speedTorque multiplication at or near stall: Single-stage - 2.2 to 3.4 times engine torqueThree-stage - 3.6 to 5.4 times engine torqueVentilation:
Natural 1/2 net square inch for each BHPBlown 1/3 net square inch for each BHPMetric Units
Air Compressors:
110 kW = 1 m3/min @ 850 kPa100 kW = 1 m3/min @ 675 kPa90 kW = 1 m3/min @ 550 kPaAMA Power for U.S.A. Tax Purposes:
Where: N = No. of CylindersD = Piston Diameter in millimetersBrake Mean Effective Pressure:
Conveyors: 15 to 20° incline.Cooling:
Heat Exchanger Flow Rate Raw water to jacket water 1:1 to 2:1Submerged Pipe Cooling 1 m2 surface area per 16 kW with 30°C flowing raw waterElectricity:
Generator Capacity Required: Motors:11/3 kW per nameplate kW (motor running cool or warm to touch)12/3 kW per nameplate kW (motor running hot to touch)Engine Power Requirements:Electric Sets:
Motor Starting Requirements: Inrush kVa (Code F motor) = 41/8 × nameplate kWInrush Current (Code F motor) = 6.2 × full load rated current11/3 kVa per kW at full loadGenerator full load rated current capacity:Generator Cooling Requirements: Air Flow = 41/4 m3 per kW loss × efficiencyCircuit Breaker Trip Selection: 1.15 to 1.25 × full load generator amp ratingSingle Phase Rating of 3-Phase Generator: 60% of 3-Phase ratingGenerator Temperature Rise: Increase 1°C for each 100 meters above 1000 metersFuel Consumption
3*33 720 kJ/mGas Compressor:
kW = 777 Rc VSWhere : Rc = Stage Compression RatioV = Millions cubic meters per dayS = Number of StagesHeat Rejection:
Hours Per:
Year = 8760 (365 Days)Week = 168 (7 Days)Month = 720 (30 Days)Oilfield Drilling:
Mud PumpsRotary TableOn Site Power Requirements:
Based on 10 000 m2 of office bldg., etc. and 40°N latitude. Electric Requirements: 650 kW continuous load (air conditioning is absorption)Use three units approximately 325 kW each (2 prime and 1 standby)Air Conditioning Compressor: 325 kW prime loadUse two engines approximately 170 kW each (No standby)Pumps:
Deep Well kW = (meters of lift × L/min × 4640)Pipe Line kW = L/H × kPa × 2 775 000*EfficiencyRefrigeration:
One ton refrigeration = 3.5 kWOne boiler hp = 9.8 kWOne ton compressor rating = 0.75 kWAuxiliary air conditioning equipment requires 1/5 kW per ton of compressor ratingIce Plant: Complete power requires 3.25-4.25 kW per daily ton capacitySawmill:
1 kW per 20 to 25 mm saw diameter at 500 RPM Increase or decrease in proportion to RPMSwing Cut-Off SawTable Trimmer 51/2 to 71/2 kWBlower Fan 4 meter sawdust 21/4 to 33/4 kWPlaner Mill 5-10 kW m3 per hour 600-750 mm planers 11 to 19 kWEdgers 2 saws 9 to 11 kW3 saws 11 to 19 kWSlab

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