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2389568 LINES GP-BACKHOE AUXILIARY Caterpillar parts 420D LINES
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BACKHOE LOADER  420D   Caterpillar
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Important Information
When tests and adjustments are made to the transmission or the torque converter, the parking brake must be OFF. To prevent movement of the machine and personal injury do the procedure that follows.
1. Lower the blade and ripper (if equipped) to the ground.2. Put blocks in front of and behind the tracks.3. Let only approved personnel on the machine and keep all other personnel off the machine and in clear view of the operator.4. When testing must be done in a closed area and whenever possible, activate the service brakes if the parking brake can not be used. All tests and adjustments must be made with the oil in the hydraulic control system at normal temperature of operation. Be sure the linkage adjustments are correct before tests are made.Power Train Hydraulic System Schematic
Transmission Hydraulic Controls
(Engine Running, First Speed Forward) (1) Oil filter. (2) Steering controls. (3) Oil cooler. (4) Torque converter. (5) Speed selector spool. (6) Body of selector and pressure control valve. (7) Modulation relief valve. (8) Oil pump. (9) Load piston. (10) Orifice. (11) Orifice. (12) Pressure differential valve. (13) Magnetic screen. (14) Flow control orifice. (15) Ratio valve for torque converter. (16) Reservoir in bottom of transmission case. (17) Direction Selector Spool. (A) Pressure tap for pump. (B) Pressure tap for converter outlet. (C) Pressure tap for transmission lubrication. (D) Pressure tap for converter inlet (P3). (E) Pressure tap for speed clutch (P1). (F) Pressure tap for direction clutch (P2). Location Of Pressure Taps
(A) Oil pump.
(B) Torque converter outlet. (C) Lubrication. (D) Torque converter inlet (P3).
(G) Left steering clutch.
(6V184 Transmission Test Cover Installed)
(E) Speed clutch (P1). (F) Direction clutch (P2). (I) Plug for load piston (LP).
Cover Not Removed
(E) Speed clutch (P1). (F) Direction clutch (P2). (I) Plug for load piston (LP).
(H) Right steering clutch.Transmission Pressure Chart
Pressure Differential Valve Test
With the engine stopped, move the transmission selector lever to any position except NEUTRAL. Engage the brakes and hold them. Start the engine and run it at HIGH IDLE. The direction clutch pressure (P2) must be 0.0 kPa (0.0 psi) and the speed clutch pressure (P1) must be 2897 105 kPa (415 15 psi). Move the selector lever to NEUTRAL and then to THIRD SPEED FORWARD or REVERSE. The direction clutch pressure (P2) must now be 380 55 kPa (55 8 psi) less than speed clutch pressure (P1).
Selector And Pressure Control
(9) Load piston. (18) Spacers.9P7239 Transmission Oil Pump Bench Test Specifications
Type ... GearNumber of sections ... OneRotation (seen from drive end) ... ClockwiseOutput [with SAE No. 10W oil at 49°C (120°F)] (minimum) ... 42 liter/min (11.1 U.S. gpm)At a pump speed of ... 1800 rpmAt a pressure of ... 2070 kPa (300 psi) Adjustment Of Transmission Control Linkage
Do not make any adjustments to the control linkage with engine running.
1. Disconnect cable assembly (1) from the lever.2. Disconnect cable assembly (2) from the lever.3. Move direction selector spool (3) to the FORWARD position against stop (4) by pulling out on cable assembly (1).4.

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