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Caterpillar 2559786 LINES GP-

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1. Be sure the steering frame lock link is in the carry position. 2. If the disconnect switch was turned off, turn it on. 3. Pull up the knob to apply the parking/secondary brake. 4. Move the transmission control to NEUTRAL. 5. Push in the knob to engage the transmission lever lock. 6. Move all hydraulic control levers to HOLD.Above 0°C (32°F)
1. Depress the accelerator pedal just past the detent. 2. Turn the start switch key to START to crank the engine. Release the switch key when the engine starts.
Do not crank the engine for more than 30 seconds. Allow the starter to cool for 2 minutes before cranking again.
The low air pressure buzzer should sound until air pressure is normal and the parking brake is released, or until the transmission is shifted into NEUTRAL.Below 0°C (32°F)
1. Repeat steps 1 and 2 as outlined in the topic, "Above 0°C (32°F)." 2. After cranking begins, push the starting aid button. Repeat every 2 seconds until the engine starts.3. When the engine starts, push the starting aid button about every 2 seconds until the engine runs smoothly.
Do not use the starting aid excessively during starting or when the engine is running.Do not use starting aid when the engine is warm and running.For starting at temperatures below - 18°C (0°F), the use of additional optional starting aids is recommended. Heating of the coolant and/or use of extra battery capacity may be required.For starting at temperatures below - 23°C (- 10°F), consult your Caterpillar dealer or refer to the Cold Weather Operation Guide, Form SEBU5898.
Starting With A Boost
When starting from another machine, make sure the machines do not touch. This prevents sparks near the battery, which could ignite the hydrogen gas given off by the battery, causing the battery to explode.Electrolyte is an acid and can cause personal injury if it contacts skin or eyes.Always wear eye protection when starting a machine with a boost.To prevent possible personal injury, use care when removing the cables from the machine that has been started. Do not allow the cable ends to contact each other or the machine.With the disconnect switch in the OFF position, connecting an auxiliary power supply to the machine can energize the electrical system.Personal injury can result if proper precautions are not followed while working on the electrical system.Always turn the machine disconnect, starter and accessory switches to the OFF position before connecting an external power source.
The machine to be started should be parked on level ground with all equipment lowered.If this is not possible, the wheels must be blocked securely, so that the machine cannot move.
This machine has a 24 volt starting system. Use only the same voltage (24 volt) for boost starting. Use of a welder or higher voltage will damage the electrical system.
Starting Kit
An emergency starting kit helps when starting with a boost. It provides a permanent receptacle on the machine to plug in a booster cable.Two different cable assemblies are available for boost starting from an

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