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MANIFOLD GP-INLET 2057731 - Caterpillar

2057731 MANIFOLD GP-INLET Caterpillar parts 3014, 3024
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Caterpillar 2057731 MANIFOLD GP-INLET

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INDUSTRIAL ENGINE  3014   3024   Caterpillar
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Shutoff Device Connected
(18) Terminals(19) Cables11. Connect cables (19) to terminals (18). This connects the energized-to-run shutoff device to the test bench. Polarity does not matter.12. Be sure the 12/24 volt switch on back of the test bench is set to 12 volts and the circuit trip switch is in the "ON" position.13. Be sure the lube oil switch is turned to the "OFF" position. Lube oil is not used with this pump.14. Turn test switch "ON" and adjust pressure to specified pressure.15. Adjust test oil temperature to 45 2°C.16. Be sure the test bench drives the pump in the specified direction.
Spring Connected to Throttle
(10) 127-4365 Fuel Line Assembly(20) Spring17. Put one end of spring (20) on the throttle and hook the other end on a 127-4365 Fuel Line Assembly (10).18. Operate the pump for 10 minutes at 500 rpm with the throttle in the completely open position. This procedure will bring the system to operating temperature and remove air from the system. If the pump has not been adjusted or disassembled, check the pump with the correct specifications from TMI. If the pump is within specifications, no adjustment is required. If the pump has been adjusted or disassembled go to the next step.19. (If equipped) disconnect the aneroid.20. On Electric Power Generator Engine Pumps, turn the speed droop to minimum position (counterclockwise direction). Reset the idle screw per TMI.
Idle adjustment Screws And Torque Screw
(21) Low idle screw(22) Low idle screw(23) Torque screw On Electric Power Generator Engine Pumps, do not back out low idle screw (21).21. Back out low idle screw (21), high idle screw (22), and torque screw (23), and aneroid rear screw (if equipped).. Make sure the screws do not interfere with the following tests.22. Check fuel shutoff device per specifications.23. Check transfer pump lift:a. Turn fuel pressure OFF at test bench and check to be sure that the bench gauge indicates the vacuum specified in TMI for this pump.b. Turn bench fuel pressure ON as soon as specified vacuum is achieved.24. Set transfer pump pressure by stopping the test bench, remove fuel inlet (11).
Fuel Inlet Line Removed
Setting Transfer Pump Pressure
(24) 4C6827 Hex Bit Driver25. To adjust pressure, turn internal adjusting screw with 4C6827 Hex Bit Driver (24). Clockwise adjustment increases the pressure. Counterclockwise adjustment decreases the pressure. Repeat this step until the pressure is set correctly.26. Close the transfer pump outlet line shutoff valve.27. Check return test oil flow.a. Stop the test bench and connect pump return port to metered return port on test bench.b. Run pump at specified speed in TMI and check return flow.c. After the check is complete, stop the test bench and connect the pump return port to pump return port on test bench.28. Check pump housing pressure.a. Run the test bench to the specified speed in TMI and check housing pressure.
Setting Timing Advance
(25) 4C6842 Hex Bit Driver(26) Nut29. Run the pump at the specified speed and loosen nut (26) and adjust the trimmer screw with 4C6842 Hex Bit Driver

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