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MANIFOLD & VALVE GP 3967164 - Caterpillar

3967164 MANIFOLD & VALVE GP Caterpillar parts MANIFOLD
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 3967164 MANIFOLD & VALVE GP
Weight: 21 pounds 9 kg.

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Air Cleaner Service Indicator
Checking Air Cleaner Service Indicator
Before starting, check the window of the indicator. If the red piston is locked in the raised position, service the air cleaner as outlined. Have spare elements on hand to install while cleaning used elements.
Service the air cleaner with the engine STOPPED.
Servicing Single Stage Air Cleaner
1. Remove the air cleaner cover and element.
REMOVING COVER AND FILTER ELEMENT2. Cover the air inlet opening to prevent dirt from entering the engine.3. Clean the inside of the air cleaner cover and the air cleaner body.
1. Air Inlet Cover4. Inspect the replacement element for damage and dirt.5. Remove the covering from the air inlet opening.6. Install the element.
INSTALLING AIR CLEANER ELEMENT7. Install the air cleaner cover.8. Reset the service indicator piston by pushing the reset button. (See the instructions for air cleaner element cleaning).
Emptying Dust Collector Cup
1. Loosen the clamping bolt on the lower body.2. Remove and empty the dust collector cup.3. Inspect and install the seal; install a new seal if necessary.
1. Seal4. Inspect the tubes in the lower body. If dirty, clean the tubes with a round bottle brush.5. Install the dust collector cup.Cleaning The Lower Body
1. Remove the dust collector cup.2. Loosen the clamping bolt on the upper body.
1. Seal3. Remove the lower body. Clean the tubes from both ends.4. Inspect and install the upper body seal. Install a new seal if it is damaged.Installing Replacement Filter Element
1. Remove the cover.
REMOVING COVER AND INNER COVER2. Remove the inner cover and filter element. In cold weather, a stuck inner cover may be removed by warming the air cleaner cover to 70-75°F (21-24°C).
REMOVE ELEMENT3. Clean all parts of the air cleaner.4. Inspect the replacement element for damage and cleanliness.5. Install the element, inner cover, and wing nut. Tighten the wing nut to prevent dust from bypassing the filter element.6. Install the cover.If, after servicing the air cleaner, the exhaust smoke and/or loss of power continues; or the service indicator locks in the raised position, discard that element and install a new element. Install a new element at least once a year.Cleaning Used Air Cleaner Elements
Cleaning With Pressure Air
1. Use clean, dry air-100 PSI maximum. Hold the nozzle at least one inch from the element and at a slight angle. (A direct blast can rip the pleating.)
CLEANING ELEMENT WITH AIR2. Direct the air stream along

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