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MAST A 0543709 - Caterpillar

0543709 MAST A Caterpillar parts MAST
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 0543709 MAST A
Weight: 0.05 pounds 0 kg.

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Ohm's Law
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P = IEwhere P = power in wattsI = current in amperesE = voltage in voltsThis equation for power may also be transposed to:From Ohm's law it is known that E = IR. If this expression for voltage is substituted in the power law, we can derive the additional equation: P = I2RIf we use the equation for current from Ohm's law, I = E/R, the equation for power becomes:*See "Ugly's Electrical Reference" (SEBD0983) for additional information.Resistance
Series Circuits RT = R1 + R2 + R3 + ... RNwhere RN = resistance in the individual resistorsRT = total resistance in circuitReactance
XL = 2 π f Lwhere XL = inductive reactance in ohms f = frequency in hertzL = inductance in henriesπ = 3.1416where XC = capacitive reactance in ohms f = frequency in hertzC = capacitance in faradsπ = 3.1416Impedance
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Three Phase Connection Systems:
Electrical Enclosure Protection = IEC
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Electrical Tables
Table 1 Electrical FormulaeTable 2 KV A of AC CircuitsTable 3 Copper Wire CharacteristicsTable 4 Single-Phase AC Motors Full Load Currents in AmperesTable 5 Three-Phase AC Motors - 80% Power Factor Full Load Current in Amperes - Induction-Type, Squirrel Cage and Wound RotorTable 6 Direct Current Motors Full Load Current in AmperesTable 7 Conduit Sizes for ConductorsTable 8 Allowable Current-Carrying Capacities of Insulated Copper ConductorsTable 9 Code Letters Usually Applied to Ratings of Motors Normally Started on Full VoltageTable 10 Identifying Code Letters on AC

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