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Caterpillar 0543731 MAST A

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Connect Hoses and Lines
Illustration 19. Connect Lube Oil Supply and Drain Hose
(1) 7G-7105 Hose. (2) 5P-6661 Fitting. (3) 9U-7709 Oil Drain Tube and two 5D-1026 Hose Clamps.
Illustration 20. Connect Fuel Supply and Return Lines
(4) 030-7947 Fitting, 3J-1907 O-ring Seal, and 7G-7105 Hose. (5) 8T-2160 Orifice Fitting, 3J-1907 O-ring Seal, and 7G-7105 Hose. (6) 9U-5298 Fuel Injection Line Tube Assembly (verify fuel line part number in TMI).1. Attach one end of hose (1) to the Lube Oil Supply fitting on the test stand. Attach the other end to the 5P-6661 Fitting on the rear support.2. Connect the oil drain tube (2) to the rear support and the test stand's stand-pipe with two hose clamps. On the AVM20-12C, the drain hose can be routed to the lube oil drain pan.3. Install fitting, O-ring, and hose (4) onto the fuel injection pump. Connect the other end of the hose to the "Test Oil Supply" connection on the test stand.4. Install fitting, O-ring, and hose (5) onto the fuel injection pump. Connect the other end of the hose to the "Test Oil Return" connection on the test stand.
Hold nut on 9U-6705 Master Nozzle when tightening fuel injection line tube assemblies (6). If the nut is not held in place during tightening, the master nozzle can be damaged.
5. Install six fuel injection line tube assemblies (6).Pre-Test Checks
1. Remove the lock-out on the electrical box, if installed.2. Release the Emergency Stop button.3. Start the bench and visually check for oil leaks from covers, hoses, etc.4. Check for oil flow through the drain tube. Also, check for oil flowing out of the oil shield on the front support; this is normal.Testing and Adjusting
1. Attach the read-out unit to the 8T-1002 Position Indicator Probe.2. Obtain the test specifications from TMI, such as direction of rotation, rack setting, rpm, delivery volumes, and OT specifications.3. Release the Emergency Stop button.4. Turn the test stand ON and stabilize the oil temperature.5. Adjust pressures and temperatures. a. Set Test Oil pressure to 210 kPa (30 psi).b. Set Lube Oil pressure to 250 kPa (36 psi).c. Set the the Test Oil temperature to the specifications provided in TMI.Testing
1. Start the drive and adjust the speed. Refer to TMI specifications.2. Verify that the fuel injection pump is pumping fluid.3. Run the fuel injection pump for approximately two minutes to remove any trapped air.
Illustration 21. Setting The Zero Rack Position
(1) Plug (timing pin hole). (2) Tip of Position Indicator. (3) Lever of Rack Indicator Mount Assembly.
When plug (1) is removed and the timing pin is not in the hole, hot oil can splatter out of the hole. The oil temperature is usually 45°C (113°F) and can cause burns.
Illustration 22. Setting Zero Rack Position.4. Set the zero rack position using the 6V-4186 or 7N-1048 Timing Pin and Steps 5 or 6 depending on type of pump.5. Setting non-PEEC zero rack position. a. Remove plug (1, Illustration 21) and insert timing pin.b. Use governor lever and rack positioning tool to move the position of the

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