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MODULE AS-FILTER 2500631 - Caterpillar

2500631 MODULE AS-FILTER Caterpillar parts C-9 MODULE
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 2500631 MODULE AS-FILTER
Weight: 15 pounds 6 kg.

Buy MODULE AS-FILTER 2500631 Caterpillar genuine, new aftermarket tractor parts with delivery

Compatible equipment models: 2500631:

TRUCK ENGINE  C-9   Caterpillar
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General Service Information GU08-06
Technical Supplement
August 2008 3408 and 3412 Long Blocks
Long Block Selection: General Information
The purpose of this technical supplement is to help you decide if there is a Caterpillar remanufactured long block available for a particular engine application. When making your decision, please keep the following points in mind.
Long blocks are not available for every engine application. The long blocks we do offer can, however, be used to service many applications even though the long block does not exactly match the original engine configuration. When the consist of the Reman product offering differs from the consist of a customer's engine, only the dealer and customer can decide whether or not it makes economic sense to change the parts that differ.
It's Caterpillar's policy to incorporate the latest critical engineering changes into Cat Reman products. Therefore, long blocks may be offered with some parts from a later design era as service repairs for engines from an earlier design era. An example is the 3406C crankshaft, connecting rods, and pistons which are not in certain 3406B long blocks. The result is that the parts in the long blocks match each other but do not match the parts consist of new production engines, nor do they match any single parts book. When long block parts consists differ from the official parts list, Reman provides an engine plate alerting the customer to Special Instruction or Service Magazine articles for information on non-standard parts.
Make sure any future engine/long block repairs, which do not use parts called for by the original parts book, or official replacements called for by parts and service sources, are carefully documented. If you choose to make any configuration or consist changes, good documentation can prevent problems the next time parts are ordered.
3408 and 3412 Long Block General Information
The 3408 and 3412 long blocks are shipped with the front cluster gears in place to maintain the timing between the camshaft and pistons to prevent damage to pistons and/or valves if the long block is rotated from its shipping location of "top dead center, number one firing." (The camshaft drive gear on these engines is not for use in engine arrangements with camshaft-driven fans.) Please reference the following Service Magazine articles for additional information:
"Fan Now Driven By Crankshaft", May 23, 1983.
"Fan Driven Conversion Group Available To Change Fans From Gear Driven to Belt Driven", October 17, 1983.
"Fan Now Driven By Crankshaft", March 8, 1985.
The 3408 long blocks incorporate the thick web/thick cheek crankshaft design found in 3408B series engines. When used together, the new style block, crank and cam will directly replace the previous style components. Some flywheel housing machining may be required to accommodate the thick cheek crankshaft (see: Service Magazine 14, December '87 and Service Magazine 13, May '85). Since these "new style" long blocks are intended to service all 3408 engines, either style

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