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MOTOR GP ELEC 3C8102 - Caterpillar

3C8102 MOTOR GP ELEC Caterpillar parts
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 3C8102 MOTOR GP ELEC
Weight: 0.56 pounds 0 kg.

Buy MOTOR GP ELEC 3C8102 Caterpillar genuine, new aftermarket tractor parts with delivery

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These recommendations are subject to change without notice. Consult your local Cat dealer for the most up to date recommendations.
Note: Non-Cat commercial greases are as a group second choice greases. Within this grouping of second choice greases there are tiered levels of performance.
Cat does not warrant the quality or performance of non-Cat fluids and greases.
Caterpillar provides a family of grease products that vary in performance from moderate to high performance. These greases service the entire line of Cat products in the wide variety of climates throughout the world. From this variety of Cat grease products, you can find a Cat grease that will meet or exceed the performance requirements for almost every machine that is produced by any Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), and for almost every machine application or equipment application.Before selecting a grease product, the performance requirements must be determined. Consult the grease recommendations in your Operation and Maintenance Manual. Also, consult your Cat dealer for a list of greases that have the performance specifications and the available container sizes.This grease chapter refers to NLGI of the grease products offered by Caterpillar. The National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI) classifies the greases per their consistency or hardness according to "ASTM D4950" and "SAE J310". The higher the NLGI value the more firm the grease. NLGI is an important classification for greases and it should be used along with other properties such as stability, corrosion resistance, viscosity, etc.Note: Always choose grease that meets or exceeds the recommendations that are specified by the equipment manufacturer for the application.Some work sites require the use of a single grease to fulfill the needs of all the equipment. Always choose a grease that meets or exceeds the requirements of the most demanding application. Remember that commercial products which barely meet the minimum performance requirements can be expected to produce the minimum life for the parts. It is not recommended to purchase grease products based on the lowest cost as the only consideration. Instead, use the grease that yields the lowest total operating cost. This cost should be based on an analysis that includes the improved product life, costs of parts, labor, downtime, and the cost of the amount of grease that is required.Note: Certain Cat grease products are formulated with Molybdenum disulfide (MoS2 or “Moly”). The Moly used in Cat greases is of a technical fine grade. This size meets the special requirements of some rolling element bearings, joints, and other moving components of tight clearances.Note: When the grease in a joint is changed from one type of grease to another or a grease from a different supplier is to be used, the general recommendation is to purge all of the old grease from the joint. Some greases are not chemically compatible. Consult your supplier in order to determine if the greases are compatible.If in doubt, Purge!Note: All Cat greases are “chemically” compatible with each other. Mixing of Cat greases will not result in an adverse chemical reaction. However, mixing of Cat greases

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