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NUT-LOCK 4Z9306 - Caterpillar

4Z9306 NUT-LOCK Caterpillar parts NUT
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Caterpillar 4Z9306 NUT-LOCK
Weight: 0.83 pounds 0 kg.

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Illustration 45 g03880009
Typical example
Position the differential and bevel gear so that transfer gear (19) is in a vertical position. Install a suitable bolt in transfer gear (19). Use Tooling (H) to tighten the bolt until transfer gear (19) turns.
Measure the overall rolling torque of the differential and the pinion shaft. Record that number.
Advance the adjusting ring that is next to the bevel gear while you oscillate the bevel gear to a zero backlash position. Then, back off the adjusting ring to the nearest lock position (a maximum of one lug on the adjusting ring).
This position is the seated position. Advance the adjusting ring and rotate the bevel gear until the overall rolling torque is 1.20 to 2.48 N m (10.620 to 21.949 lb in) above the rolling torque achieved in Step 43.b.
Illustration 46 g03880063
(19) Transfer gear
Measure the backlash in three equally spaced positions around bevel gear (57). If any of the three measurements are not equal to the specified backlash of 0.36 0.12 mm (0.014 0.005 inch), then retract the adjusting rings or advance the adjusting rings equally to preserve the preload. Repeat this Step until the backlash at all three locations is 0.36 0.12 mm (0.014 0.005 inch).
Check the tooth contact between the pinion shaft and the bevel gear.
Illustration 47 g03880066
(57) Bevel gear
To check the tooth contact between transfer (19) and bevel gear (57), coat bevel gear (57) with a suitable rouge compound in three locations that are 120 degrees apart, as indicated by Locations (X), (Y), and (Z).
Illustration 48 g03880079
Rotate the pinion shaft in both directions. The acceptable bevel gear contact patter percentages are 60 percent from heel to convex, and 55 percent from heel to concave. Refer to Illustration 48.
Illustration 49 g03871720
Unacceptable tooth contact pattern
Illustration 50 g03871722
Unacceptable tooth contact pattern
Inspect the tooth contact pattern. If the tooth contact pattern appears like the tooth contact pattern in Illustration 49, then some shims will need to be added and the tooth contact pattern will need to be rechecked. If the tooth contact pattern appears like the tooth contact pattern in Illustration 50, then some shims will need to be removed.
If the shims are adjusted, repeat Step 51 through Step 57.l.Note: You do not have to repeat Step 55 and Step 56.
Illustration 51 g03880383
Illustration 52 g03880399
Use Tooling (J) to tighten bolts (32) to a torque of 1800 200 N m (1328 148 lb ft).
Illustration 53 g03879913
Install lock (30) and bolt (29) that secure adjusting ring (31). Repeat for the other side.
The rolling toque for the complete system should not exceed 4 N m (35 lb in).
Illustration 54 g03875788
Rotate differential and bevel gear assembly (2) by 180 degrees. Use two people or a suitable lifting device to install yoke (1) and the brake disc for the differential. The weight of yoke (1) and the brake disc is approximately 24 kg (53 lb).
Install washer (4) and bolt (3). Tighten bolt (3) to a torque of 900 100 N m (664 74 lb ft).
Illustration 55 g01196303
Install Tooling (C) and a suitable lifting device onto

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