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3966786 OPTION AR-LINKAGE Caterpillar parts 314D CR OPTION
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Caterpillar 3966786 OPTION AR-LINKAGE

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EXCAVATOR  314D CR   Caterpillar
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Get Identity
Illustration 13 g01318356Illustration 13 shows the "Get Identity" screen when the "Get Details" soft key is pressed.Table 11 describes the fields in the "Get Identity" screen that is shown in Illustration 13.
Table 11
Get Identity Screen
Field Entry(1) Definition
Product, MS990 GPS Receiver type
Por, 4, 2500000.250000,,,, Baud rate over CAN
Version, 0.32, 2/20/04,,, GPS Receiver firmware version and date
COMM, DCOL, NMEA Options available on the receiver
(1) The entries in these fields will vary.Display
The Display can show several status messages that may indicate various problems with the AccuGrade System.The Display can also show several status messages that may indicate various control problems with the AccuGrade System.The Display is capable of saving screen shots. This could be useful in capturing warning messages or other diagnostic information. A snapshot of the screen can be captured by pressing the "Menu" key and the hard key that is next to the fourth soft key. The snapshot of the screen will be saved in the root directory of the data card.The file that is created is called a ".zsnap". The ".zsnap" contains that following information:
screen shot of the active screen
CAN log
machine settingsThis file should be sent to Caterpillar via the Technical Communicator.Caterpillar Electronic Technician (Cat ET)
Caterpillar Electronic Technician (Cat ET) is used in order to troubleshoot the Electrohydraulic (E/H) controls and remote switches. Cat ET is also used to display the AccuGrade sensor data.
Illustration 14 g00777826The Cat ET is a software program that is used to access data. The service technician will use the Cat ET in order to perform the maintenance on the machine. Some of the options that are available with the Caterpillar Electronic Technician are listed below:
Diagnosis of problems
Viewing diagnostic codes
Viewing active event codes and logged event codes
View the status of parameters.
Clear active diagnostic codes and clear logged diagnostic codes
Perform calibration of machine systems.
Program the ECM (Flash). This is done with the "WINflash" program. See Testing and Adjusting, "Electronic Control Module (ECM) - Flash Program".
Print reports.See Troubleshooting, "Using the Caterpillar Electronic Technician to Determine Diagnostic Codes". Diagnostic information is accessed with the following drop down menus:
Active diagnostic codes
Logged diagnostic codesLogged Event Codes
Illustration 15 g01253443Logged events are provided with an indicator which is used to keep track of recurring or intermittent events. The data for the logged event shall include the following items: an event identifier (EID), a text description of the event, the number of occurrences of the event, a time stamp that shows the time that the event first occurred and a time stamp that shows the time that the event has most recently occurred .Status Groups For The Electronic Technician
Illustration 16 g01209368
Illustration 17 g01209371
Illustration 18 g01502711The Status groups are lists of machine parameters. The status of the parameters are shown in real time.

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