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OPTION AR-CHAS 3C8314 - Caterpillar

3C8314 OPTION AR-CHAS Caterpillar parts
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 3C8314 OPTION AR-CHAS
Weight: 0.12 pounds 0 kg.

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Fuel Injection Timing and Delivery
This engine uses an injection system control that allows variable control of the injector's spray pattern during the duration of fuel injection into the cylinder. A pilot injection takes place in order to start fuel combustion in the cylinder. When the pilot injection has been completed, the fuel injection delivery is then controlled by the ECM in order to optimize the combustion efficiency for the current operating conditions. This requires a new camshaft with a modified injector lobe.The ECM controls the amount of the fuel that is injected by varying the signals to the electronic unit injectors. The electronic unit injectors will inject fuel only if the electronic unit injector solenoid is energized. The ECM sends 120 VDC to the solenoid in order to energize the solenoid. By controlling the timing of the 120 volt signal, the ECM can control injection timing. By controlling the duration of the 120 volt signal, the ECM can control the injected fuel amount.The ECM sets certain limits on the amount of fuel that can be injected. The Fuel Ratio Control FRC fuel position is a limit that is based on boost pressure in order to control the air/fuel mixture for the emission control. When the ECM senses an increase in the boost pressure, the ECM increases the FRC fuel position. The rated fuel position is a limit that is based on the horsepower rating of the engine. The rated fuel position is similar to the rack stops and the torque spring on a mechanically governed engine. The rated fuel position provides the horsepower and the torque curves for a specific horsepower rating. The limits are programmed by the factory into the personality module.Injection timing depends on three factors: the engine speed, the engine load and other engine data. The ECM determines the top center position of cylinder number 1 from the signal that is provided by the crankshaft position sensor. The ECM determines when the fuel injection should occur relative to the top center position. The ECM then provides the signal to the electronic unit injector at the correct time.Electronic Unit Injector Mechanism
Illustration 5 g01377898
Electronic unit injector mechanism (41) Electronic unit injector (42) Adjustment mechanism (43) Rocker arm assembly (44) CamshaftThe electronic unit injector mechanism provides the downward force that is required to pressurize the fuel in the unit injector. Electronic unit injector (41) injects fuel in the combustion chamber at the correct time. The camshaft gear is driven by two idler gears and a cluster gear that is driven off the crankshaft gear. The timing marks on the crankshaft gear, on the cluster gear, and on the housing of the timing cover are aligned in order to provide the correct relationship between the piston and the valve movement. Camshaft (44) has three lobes for each cylinder. Two lobes operate the inlet valves and the exhaust valves, and one lobe operates the electronic unit injector mechanism. Force is transmitted from the injector lobe on the camshaft to the top

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