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PAD GP 2057699 - Caterpillar

2057699 PAD GP Caterpillar parts VFS70
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Caterpillar 2057699 PAD GP

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TRAILER  VFS70   Caterpillar
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Start ButtonStart Button (4) - This button starts the engine. Depending on the configuration, the button may have to be held down until the engine reaches running speed.
Stop ButtonStop Button (5) - This button stops the engine. Depending on the configuration, the button may have to be held down until the engine fully stops.
Illustration 2 g06332024
Engine control switch
RemoteEngine Control Switch (ECS) (6) - The engine control switch (ECS) has three positions. The "OFF" position is on the left. This position turns off the key switch to the DCU and ECM. The "Local" position is located in the middle. In this position, only the local control panel can start or stop the engine. The local throttle is enabled. The "Remote" position is on the right. This position disables local starting or stopping of the engine. Remote control is enabled. Local E-Stop and crank override still work in this position.
ThrottleThrottle (7) - Controls engine speed. When the ECS is set to "Local" mode, this throttle is enabled. The engine will remain at current speed until the local throttle is turned to within 50 rpm of the current speed, then the engine will follow the local throttle command. Rotate the knob counterclockwise to decrease the engine speed. Rotate the knob clockwise to increase engine speed.
Emergency Stop ButtonEmergency Stop Button (E-Stop) (8) - This button immediately stops the engine and removes power from the ECM.
Illustration 3 g06331949
Inside view (PROP)
Illustration 4 g06340159
Door inside view (PROP)
Relays (9) - Refer to the following list and Illustration 5for the relays used in the control panel.
Illustration 5 g06331975
(5K5) Shutdown Relay (9A) - (5K18) Start/Run/Stop Relay (9B) - (5K26) Energize to Stop (ETS) Relay (9C) - (5K28) Energize to Run (ETR) (9D) - This relay is only active while the DCU is starting the engine.(6K4) Monitoring System Override Relay (9E) - (8K9) Expansion Tank Water Level High Temperature Cooling (HTC) Relay (9F) - (12K9) Throttle Select Relay (9G) - (12K10) Local/Remote Switch Enable Relay (9H) - (12K31) Throttle Select Relay (9J) - (12K33) Throttle Select Relay (9K) - (14K16) Start Disable Relay (9L) - (14K17) In Gear Relay (9M) - Panel Isolation Breaker (Primary) (10) - This breaker isolates the panel from the primary power source of the ship.Panel Isolation Breaker (Secondary) (11) - This breaker isolates the panel from the secondary power source of the ship.Other Breakers (12) - These breakers isolate downstream circuits such as the ECM and auxiliary systems. Refer to the following list and Illustration 6 for the breakers.
Illustration 6 g06331978
Other breakers
(4Q24) Cabinet Power (Control Panel) breaker (12A)
(4Q25) Engine Controls breaker (12B)
(4Q26) External Power (Remote Start/Stop, Throttle) breaker (12C)
Auxiliary System Power (Prelube, Heater Control) breaker (12D) Manual Start Switch (13) - Crank Override Switch (14) - Manual Prelube Switch (15) -
Illustration 7 g06331977
Inside view (AUX)
Illustration 8 g06340168
Door inside view (AUX)

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