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2389614 PANEL GP-INSTRUMENT Caterpillar parts 824H, 825H, 826H PANEL
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Caterpillar 2389614 PANEL GP-INSTRUMENT

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WHEEL DOZER  824H   Caterpillar
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Hub - Assemble
Illustration 36 g00907081
Install O-ring (59) into the O-ring groove on the hub assembly. Apply grease to hold the O-ring in place.
Install hub assembly (56) onto flange (38). Align the holes for the fasteners.Note: An alignment bolt (63) is used to align the hub assembly and the flange.
Install a few of the fasteners to hold the hub in place, and tighten the fasteners to a torque of 47 N m (35 lb ft).
Rotate blade mounting shafts (47) so that shifter block assembly (46) comes to rest against thru bearing end (51) with shims (56).
Tighten locknut (57) onto thru bearing end to a torque of 33 N m (25 lb ft).Checking the Symmetry of the Blade Rotation
This procedure is performed to verify that the blades will rotate equal distances into the full PULL position and the full PUSH position.
Illustration 37 g00907094
Copy Illustration 37. Do NOT adjust the scale of the copy.Note: If you are unable to create a copy of the scales, cut out one of the scales in Illustration 37.
Cut along the dashed line.
Rotate the blade mounting shafts into the NEUTRAL position.
Illustration 38 g00907099
Secure the scale to the side of the blade mounting shaft.
Mark the surface of the hub with a marker or with a scribe.
Rotate the blade mounting shafts into the full PULL position and to the full PUSH position. This movement will determine if the blades will go into the required pitch.Note: If the fan is set for 30°, measure the pitch of the fan to ensure that the fan rotates to 30° in both directions. If the rotation of the shaft is less than 30° in one direction and the rotation is greater than 30° in the other direction, a problem may exist with the number of shims that are located on thethru bearing end. As required, add shims or remove shims to thethru bearing end. If shims are added or removed, the hub assembly must be removed.
Before continuing, ensure that the blade mounting shafts will rotate to the correct angle in both directions.
Rotate the blade mounting shaft into full PULL position and spin the hub assembly to ensure that the hub spins freely.
Rotate the blade mounting shaft into the full PUSH position and spin the hub assembly to ensure that the hub spins freely.
Remove locknut (57) from thethru bearing end. Refer to Illustration 36.
Place the lockwasher and the locknut onto thethru bearing end.
Tighten locknut (57) onto thethru bearing end to a torque of 34 N m (25 lb ft).Note: The beveled edge of the locknut must face toward the lockwasher. Align one of the slots on the locknut with one of the tabs on the lockwasher. When you align the tab and the slot, always tighten the locknut. Never loosen the locknut.
Bend the tab on the lockwasher into the slot of the locknut.Completing the Assembly of the Hub
Illustration 39 g00907114
Clean the O-ring groove for the cover plate on hub (58).
Install O-ring (62) into the groove of the hub assembly.
Place cover plate (61) onto the hub assembly

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