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0877069 PEDAL A Caterpillar parts PEDAL
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Caterpillar 0877069 PEDAL A

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Personal injury can result from hot coolant, steam and alkali.At operating temperature, engine coolant is hot and under pressure. The radiator and all lines to heaters or the engine contain hot coolant or steam. Any contact can cause severe burns.Remove cooling system pressure cap slowly to relieve pressure only when engine is stopped and cooling system pressure cap is cool enough to touch with your bare hand.Do not attempt to tighten hose connections when the coolant is hot, the hose can come off causing burns.Cooling System Coolant Additive contains alkali. Avoid contact with skin and eyes.
Mixing Extended Life Coolant (ELC) with other products reduces the effectiveness of the coolant and shortens coolant life. Use only Caterpillar products or commercial products that have passed the Caterpillar EC-1 specifications for premixed or concentrate coolants. Use only Caterpillar Extender with Caterpillar ELC. Failure to follow these recommendations could result in the damage to cooling systems components.If ELC cooling system contamination occurs, refer to Operation and Maintenance, "Extended Life Coolant (ELC)" under the topic ELC Cooling System Contamination.
Drain the coolant whenever the coolant is dirty or whenever foaming is observed.
Make sure that the engine has cooled.
Illustration 1 g03642213
Turn pressure cap (1) counterclockwise in order to loosen the cap. Slowly loosen the pressure cap in order to relieve the pressure. Slowly remove the pressure cap.
Open the right side radiator access panel.
Illustration 2 g03705364
Place a suitable container under coolant drain valve (3).
Open the drain valve by turning the valve counterclockwise. Allow the coolant to drain into a suitable container.
Close drain valve (3) by turning the valve bolt clockwise.
Fill the system with a mixture of clean water and a 6% to 10% concentration of cleaner.
Start the engine. Operate the engine for 90 minutes.
Stop the engine.
Drain the cleaning solution.
Close drain valve (3).
Fill the system with clean water.
Start the engine. Operate the engine until the engine reaches operating temperature.
Stop the engine.
Drain the system.
Close drain valve (3).
Repeat steps 12 to 16 until the water that drains from the system is clear. Make sure that all of the cleaner is flushed from the system.
Add the coolant solution. See Special Publication, SEBU6250, "Cooling System Specifications" for specific information about coolant. Note: Do not add the supplemental coolant additive at this time unless you are using Caterpillar Coolant. Consult your Caterpillar dealer for specific information.
Start the engine. Operate the engine. Make sure that pressure cap (1) is removed. The thermostat must open and the coolant level must stabilize.
Maintain the level of the coolant to the proper mark on sight glass (2).
Install pressure cap (1).
Stop the engine. Note: Refer to Operation and Maintenance Manual, "General Hazard Information" for information that pertains to containing fluid spillage.Note: Dispose of drained fluids according to local regulations. Proper care is your responsibility.

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