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PEDAL BRAKE 3C8632 - Caterpillar

3C8632 PEDAL BRAKE Caterpillar parts
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 3C8632 PEDAL BRAKE
Weight: 0.010 pounds 0 kg.

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Electric Power Generation:
SR4 (S/N: 5AA1-UP; 5CA1-UP; 5DA1-UP; 5EA1-UP; 5FA1-UP; 5GA1-UP; 5HA1-UP; 5RA1-UP; 5SA1-UP; 5TA1-UP; 5UA1-UP; 5VA1-UP; 5YA1-UP; 5ZA1-UP; 6AA1-UP; 6BA1-UP; 6CA1-UP; 6DA1-UP; 6GA1-UP; 6HA1-UP; 6JA1-UP; 6LA1-UP; 6MA1-UP; 6NA1-UP; 6PA1-UP; 6RA1-UP; 6SA1-UP; 6WA1-UP; 6XA1-UP; 6YA1-UP; 6ZA1-UP; 9AB1-UP; 9BB1-UP; 2ED1-UP; 2WD1-UP; 3RD1-UP; 4MD1-UP; 5DD1-UP; 5TD1-UP; 8FD1-UP; 8ZD1-UP; 3EF1-UP; 3MF1-UP; 3WF1-UP; 5RF1-UP; 6GF1-UP; 7BF1-UP; 8JF1-UP; 8KF1-UP; 8LF1-UP; 9EF1-UP; 9FF1-UP; 9GF1-UP; 2GG1-UP; 6CG1-UP; 6DG1-UP; 6EG1-UP; 8HG1-UP; 3KJ1-UP; 4SJ1-UP; 5NJ1-UP; 6EJ1-UP; 7AJ1-UP; 2SM1-UP; 8MM1-UP; 6WR1-UP; 6YR1-UP; 7YR1-UP; 8DR1-UP; 8ER1-UP; 9CR1-UP; 9DR1-UP; 1MS1-UP; 7RS1-UP; 7TS1-UP; 7WS1-UP; 7XS1-UP; 7YS1-UP; 7ZS1-UP; 6NW1-UP; 6TW1-UP; 6ZW1-UP; 8SW1-UP; 8WW1-UP; 9DW1-UP; 9HW1-UP; 9LW1-UP; 9RW1-UP)
SR4B (S/N: AAD1-UP; 5LF1-UP; AAJ1-UP; 5CK1-UP; 6PK1-UP; 8GK1-UP; 2DM1-UP; 2GM1-UP; 3BM1-UP; 4DM1-UP; 5DM1-UP; 6GM1-UP; 7GM1-UP; 8DM1-UP; 8HM1-UP; 1BN1-UP; 1HN1-UP; 2DN1-UP; 2FN1-UP; 2GN1-UP; 2HN1-UP; 2SN1-UP; 3EN1-UP; 3FN1-UP; 3GN1-UP; 3HN1-UP; 4EN1-UP; 4FN1-UP; 4GN1-UP; 4WN1-UP; 5SN1-UP; 5WN1-UP; 6SN1-UP; 7DN1-UP; 7TN1-UP; 8NN1-UP; 9CN1-UP; 9EN1-UP; AAR1-UP; 8XS1-UP; 5JW1-UP; 6DW1-UP; 8GW1-UP; 2GZ1-UP; 3BZ1-UP; 4SZ1-UP; 6ZZ1-UP; 8EZ1-UP; 8LZ1-UP; 8PZ1-UP; 8TZ1-UP; 9AZ1-UP; 9DZ1-UP; 9GZ1-UP; 9MZ1-UP; 9RZ1-UP; 9WZ1-UP; 9XZ1-UP)
Description of Change: As a product improvement, an internal varistor has been added to the diode rectifier block used on the above-listed gensets. This internal varistor acts as a voltage suppressor, protecting the diode rectifier block from transient voltage spikes.Adaptable To: The improved 9Y-0916 Rectifier Assembly can be identified by a four-digit date code. Updated 9Y-0916 Rectifier Assemblies that contain the internal varistor will have a date code of 0503 or greater.

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