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PIN 0005356 - Caterpillar

0005356 PIN Caterpillar parts PIN
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 0005356 PIN
Weight: 42 pounds 19 kg.

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Illustration 1 g01033493
(1) New 245-2876 Expansion Tank As (2) Former 7E-7597 Tank Adaptable To: The new 245-2876 Expansion Tank is a direct replacement for the former 7E-7597 Tank. The 245-2876 Expansion Tank is now a serviced part. The 245-2876 Expansion Tank is adaptable to all of the 3500 and 3500B Engines that are listed above. Table 1 lists the effectivity of the new tank in 3500 and 3500B Engines.
Table 1
Effectivity of the New Tank in 3500 and 3500B Engines    
Sales Model    Serial Number    
3508     (S/N: 3HM00015-UP)    
3508     (S/N: 9WN00016-UP)    
3508     (S/N: 3LS00228-UP)    
3508     (S/N: 95Y01218-UP)    
3508     (S/N: 96y02065-UP)    
3508     (S/N: 23Z07944-UP)    
3508     (S/N: 68Z01253-UP)    
3508     (S/N: 69Z00892-UP)    
3508     (S/N: 70Z01078-UP)    
3508     (S/N: CTF00263-UP)    
3508     (S/N: 1JZ00262-UP)    
3508B     (S/N: LPD00009-UP)    
3508B     (S/N: S2E00102-UP)    
3508B     (S/N: BAG00025-UP)    
3508B     (S/N: 3DM00458-UP)    
3508B     (S/N: 4GM00742-UP)    
3508B     (S/N: 7SM00938-UP)    
3508B     (S/N: 6PN00868-UP)    
3508B     (S/N: 1TW00353-UP)    
3508B     (S/N: 2HW00258-UP)    
3508B     (S/N: 3DW00176-UP)    
3508B     (S/N: CTC00254-UP)    
3508B     (S/N: 1FZ01936-UP)    
3512     (S/N: 3MS00233-UP)    
3512     (S/N: 49Y01033-UP)    
3512     (S/N: 50Y01805-UP)    
3512     (S/N: 24Z10152-UP)    
3512     (S/N: 65Z01132-UP)    
3512     (S/N: 66Z00944-UP)    
3512     (S/N: 67Z02059-UP)    
3512     (S/N: CTE00343-UP)    
3512     (S/N: 1KZ01301-UP)    
3512B     (S/N: 8EM00516-UP)    
3512B     (S/N: 8RM00754-UP)    
3512B     (S/N: BRN00191-UP)    
3512B     (S/N: 4TN00799-UP)    
3512B     (S/N: 6WN00803-UP)    
3512B     (S/N: 1PW00435-UP)    
3512B     (S/N: 2GW00406-UP)    
3512B     (S/N: 4AW00823-UP)    
3512B     (S/N: 2EZ00345-UP)    
3512B     (S/N: CTB00187-UP)    
3512B     (S/N: CTH00246-UP)    
3512B     (S/N: 1GZ01578-UP)    
3512B     (S/N: 3KD00268-UP)    
3516     (S/N: 3NS00246-UP)    
3516     (S/N: 25Z07100-UP)    
3516     (S/N: 27Z00852-UP)    
3516     (S/N: 29Z01390-UP)    
3516     (S/N: 71Z00404-UP)    
3516     (S/N: 72Z00567-UP)    
3516     (S/N: 73Z00968-UP)    
3516     (S/N: CTD00183-UP)    
3516     (S/N: 1LZ00535-UP)    
3516B     (S/N: CDE00313-UP)    
3516B     (S/N: CBN00316-UP)    
3516B     (S/N: 6HN01720-UP)    
3516B     (S/N: 7RN01951-UP)    
3516B     (S/N: 8KN00571-UP)    
3516B     (S/N: 9AN00367-UP)    
3516B     (S/N: 1NW00145-UP)    
3516B     (S/N: 2FW00334-UP)    
3516B     (S/N: 3CW00257-UP)    
3516B     (S/N: 4BW00559-UP)    
3516B     (S/N: CTA00153-UP)    
3516B     (S/N: CTG00272-UP)    
3516B     (S/N: CTJ00200-UP)    
3516B     (S/N: 1HZ02501-UP)    
3516B     (S/N: S2X00106-UP)

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