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Illustration 1 g03645682Check and Inspect the Rotor Bits
The rotor bits should be checked for excessive wear. Replace the rotor bits when the following problems occur:
Uneven wear
Carbide is missing from the tip.
The shoulder of the bit is severely eroded.
The neck that supports the carbide is significantly thinner.Replacing a Rotor Bit
Individual bits may have excessive wear. Individual bits may have carbide damage. Replace these bits with new bits or with bits that are worn to the same level as the majority of the remaining bits. When all the bits have significant wear, replace all the bits at the same time.
Do not perform any cutter tooth replacement, and do not perform service or maintenance on the rotor, the rotor hood, or the chain cases until steps 1 to 10 are completed.Failure to follow these instructions could allow the rotor, chamber, or door to drop resulting in serious personal injury or death.1. Set the parking brake on the propel system.2. Raise the rotor to the TRAVEL position to clear any material that may be trapped between the cutter bits and the paddles.3. Tilt the rotor chamber forward, and raise the rear door.4. Reduce the engine speed to LOW idle.5. Disengage the rotor drive.6. Turn the ignition OFF in order to stop the engine,7. Turn the ignition key to the ON position. Do not start the engine.8. Remove the padlock from the circuit breaker box, and open the cover for the circuit breaker box. Place the rotor service switch in the SERVICE position. Close the circuit breaker box cover and install the padlock.9. Engage the rotor service lock T bar that is located on the left chain case on the lift cylinder.10. Secure the rear door and mixing chamber in position, by engaging the rear door service pin.11. Do not start the engine again until all of the services are completed and all personnel are clear from the rotor area.12. Remove the rotor lock and disengage the rear door service pin.13. Remove the padlock from the circuit breaker box. Open the cover of the circuit breaker box. Place the rotor service switch in OPERATE position. Close the cover for the circuit breaker box and install the padlock.14. Sound the horn three times prior to starting the engine.
Removing a Rotor Bit
Put the rotor in the service position. Wear a hard hat and protective glasses. Additional protective equipment may also be required. Use a hammer and a punch to remove the worn bits.Note: Refer to the Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Servicing the Rotor".
Rotate the rotor until the bit is accessible.
Insert the tip of a drive pin into the back opening of the bit holder. Use a hammer in order to drive the bit out of the holder.
Place the new bit in the holder. Use a hammer to drive the bit into position. Keep the keeper spring engaged with the holder.

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