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PIN AS 2057987 - Caterpillar

2057987 PIN AS Caterpillar parts 317B LN PIN
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 2057987 PIN AS
Weight: 12 pounds 5 kg.

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Compatible equipment models: 2057987:

EXCAVATOR  317B LN   Caterpillar
Number on catalog scheme: 10
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Feature Variations
VIMSTM is designed to operate on several different types of machines. All the possible functions of VIMS are not needed on every type of machine. Configuration software is used to identify the type of machine and identifies the available VIMS functions.Diagnostic information is stored in VIMS for all system events and diagnostics. The information is stored even if the condition is not present at the time of troubleshooting.Types of Recorded Data
The occurrence of certain events, diagnostics, and machine conditions are recorded in the VIMS onboard memory. This information is organized into seven categories and is used to analyze problems with the machine. Listed below are the seven categories:Event List - A record of stored events and diagnostics that have occurred on the machine. Not all events are stored. The record contains the last 500 events and diagnostics that are listed in the order of occurrence, the newest at the top. The event list transfers the oldest data into the event summary list when the event list exceeds 500 records.Event Summary List - An Event Summary List is composed of the first five occurrences, last five occurrences, and worst five occurrences of recorded events. The event summary list is limited to 500 records.Note: The event list is accessible from the display or with VIMSpc.Snapshot - The Snapshot stores a segment of history for all parameters (channels) at a 1 second interval. The snapshot relates to a set of predefined events. A snapshot is triggered automatically for a severe event. The snapshot is then stored in memory. The configuration software designates the events that are considered to be severe events. The "Trigger Snapshot" menu option can be used to initiate a snapshot manually. A snapshot consists of all the parameters that describe the conditions of the system. The snapshot records data from 5 minutes before the event to 1 minute after the event. This strategy is also applied to snapshots that are triggered immediately after key on. However, a portion of the 5 minutes of data that occurred prior to the event was captured prior to turning off the key. This portion of data may have been stored hours or days before the event that triggered the snapshot.VIMS is capable of storing two sets of snapshot information. If a snapshot is in the process of being recorded and a second snapshot is triggered, the second snapshot will be recorded simultaneously.The snapshot information is accessible only with VIMSpc.Standard Datalogger - The standard datalogger has a total recording time of 30 minutes and is recorded in 1 second intervals. This datalogger captures all the parameters that are monitored by VIMS. The operation of the datalogger is similar to the snapshot, but the datalogger cannot be triggered by an event. However, the datalogger can be automatically started and stopped by parameters that are designated in the configuration. The manual triggering of the datalogger can only be done by VIMSpc or the display. The datalogger can be started and stopped.Conditional Datalogger - The

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog
317B L & 317B LN Excavators 6DZ00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY 3046 Engine

Parts pin Caterpillar catalog:

2019490 PIN
302.5, 302.5C
2404064 PIN
302.2D, 302.4D, 302.5, 302.5C, 302.7D, 303, 303.5, 303.5C, 303.5D, 303C CR, 304D CR, BH150
302.2D, 302.4D, 302.5, 302.5C, 302.7D, 303, 303.5, 303.5C, 303.5D, 303C CR, 304D CR, BH150
2179512 PIN
302.2D, 302.4D, 302.5, 302.5C, 302.7D
1700898 PIN AS
302.5, 302.5C, BH27
0857135 PIN
305.5, 307B, 307C, 308C
1397946 PIN
305.5, 306, 307B, 307C, 307D, 308C, 308D
0949347 PIN
305.5, 306, 307B, 307C, 307D, 308C, E450
1397804 PIN
305.5, 306, 307B, 307C, 307D, 308C, 308D
1397943 PIN
307B, 307D, 308D
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