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Caterpillar 2559929 PIN AS

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Cleaning Primary Elements
Do not clean the filter elements by bumping or tapping them.
Filter elements can be cleaned with pressure air, pressure water, or detergent washing. Direct air or water along pleats inside and outside of filter element. Inspect the filter elements after cleaning. Do not use a filter element with damaged pleats, gaskets or seals.Ether Starting Aid (If Equipped)
Service Ether Cylinder
Ether is poisonous and flammable.Breathing ether vapors or repeated contact of ether with skin can cause personal injury.Use ether only in well ventilated areas.Use ether with care to avoid fires.Do not smoke while changing ether cylinders.Do not store ether cylinders in the operator's compartment or living areas.Do not store ether cylinders in direct sunlight or at temperatures above 39°C (102°F).Discard ether cylinders properly. Do not puncture or burn ether cylinders.Keep ether cylinders out of the reach of unauthorized personnel.
The ether cylinder valve is located on the left side of the engine compartment. Initial Installation (typical procedure shown)Remove protective cover, if equipped. 1. Remove protective plug (1) from the ether cylinder valve. Store the plug in threaded holder (2).2. Install the gasket into the valve.3. Screw the ether cylinder into the valve hand tight. Do not use any tools to tighten it. Fasten the cylinder clamp securely around the cylinder.Install protective cover (if equipped).Windshield Wiper and Washer (If Equipped)
Inspect - Fill Reservoir
1. Inspect the windshield wiper blade. Replace if it is worn or damaged, or if streaking occurs.
When operating in freezing temperatures, use a nonfreezing window washer solvent. Any commercially available nonfreezing window washer solvent can be used.
2. Fill the windshield washer bottle, located inside the cab.Bucket Teeth or Bolt-On Cutting Edges
Change the Bucket Teeth or Cutting Edges
1. Raise the bucket and place blocking under it.2. Lower the bucket to the blocking.Do not block the bucket any higher than necessary to remove bucket teeth or cutting edge. 3. Remove the bolts and remove bucket teeth or cutting edge.4. Clean the contact surfaces.5. Install the bucket teeth or cutting edge.6. Install the bolts and tighten to the specified torque. See "Bolt Torques for Ground Engaging Tools" chart.7. Raise the bucket and remove the blocks.8. Lower the bucket to the ground.9. After a few hours of operation, check the bolts for proper torque.Ripper Tips (If Equipped)
Change the Tips
Retainer pins, when struck with force, can fly out and cause injury to nearby people.Make sure the area is clear of people when driving retainer pins.To avoid injury to your eyes, wear protective glasses when striking a retainer pin.
Replace the ripper tip when worn close to shank. Too blunt of a tip will not penetrate properly. 1. Raise and support the ripper.2. If the ripper tip is worn, drive the pin out. Remove the pin retainer and the tip.3. Clean the shank pin retainer and pin.4. Install the new tip pin retainer and spring. 5. Install the pin in from the same side as the pin retainer is installed.6. Raise the ripper and remove the support.7. Lower the ripper to the ground.Winch (If Equipped)

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