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PIN-YM 3960665 - Caterpillar

3960665 PIN-YM Caterpillar parts PIN
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 3960665 PIN-YM
Weight: 15 pounds 7 kg.

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Never disconnect any charging unit circuit or battery circuit cable from the battery when the charging unit is operating. A spark can cause the combustible gases that are produced by some batteries to ignite.Check the electrical wires daily for wires that are loose or frayed. Tighten all loose electrical wires before the engine is operated. Repair all frayed electrical wires before the engine is started.Grounding Practices
Proper grounding is necessary for optimum engine performance and reliability. Improper grounding will result in uncontrolled electrical circuit paths and in unreliable electrical circuit paths.Uncontrolled electrical circuit paths can result in damage to main bearings, to crankshaft bearing journal surfaces, and to aluminum components. Uncontrolled electrical circuit paths can also cause electrical activity that may degrade the engine electronics and communications.Ensure that all grounds are secure and free of corrosion.The engine alternator must be grounded to the negative "-" battery terminal. The ground wire must be adequate to carry the full charging current of the alternator.For the starting motor, do not attach the battery negative terminal to the engine block.Ground the engine block with a ground strap that is furnished by the customer. Connect this ground strap to the ground plane.Use a separate ground strap to ground the battery negative terminal for the control system to the ground plane.A grounding stud is located inside the dosing cabinet of the aftertreatment system.If rubber couplings connect the steel piping of the cooling system and the radiator, the piping and the radiator can be electrically isolated. Ensure that the piping and the radiator are continuously grounded to the engine. Use ground straps that bypass the rubber couplings.

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