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PISTON KIT 2389305 - Caterpillar

2389305 PISTON KIT Caterpillar parts PISTON
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 2389305 PISTON KIT
Weight: 4 pounds 1 kg.

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Illustration 1 g01198209
Differential and bevel gear
(1) Shims
(2) Spider
(3) Differential housing
(4) Differential bevel pinions (four)
(5) Shims
(6) Retainer
(7) Bearing
(8) Thrust pin
(9) Bevel gear
(10) Side gears (two)
(11) Differential housing
(12) Thrust washers
(13) Bearings
(14) Adjusting nut
(15) Carrier assembly
(16) Bevel pinion
(17) Shims
(18) Bearing cage
(19) Bearings The power that is sent to the wheels is divided by the differential. The amount of power that is sent to each wheel is balanced by the differential. During a turn, the differential allows the inner wheel to rotate at a slower rate than the outer wheel. The differential still sends the same amount of torque to each wheel.The differential and bevel gear is fastened to the rear axle housing. The differential and bevel gear connect the output shaft of the transmission to the drive axles. The output shaft of the transmission is connected to bevel pinion (16) by splines. Bevel pinion (16) turns bevel gear (9). Bevel gear (9) is fastened to differential housing (3). There are four differential bevel pinions (4). Differential bevel pinions (4) turn freely on spider (2). Each differential bevel pinion (4) has a double bearing assembly in order to carry the drive load of the differential bevel pinion. Differential housing (3) and differential housing (11) are bolted together in order to hold spider (2). Differential housing (3) and differential housing (11) rotate together with bevel gear (9). The housings are driven by bevel gear (9). The housings are supported by bearings.Differential bevel pinions (4) are engaged at a 90 degree angle with two straight side gears (10). The side gears are connected to the drive axles by splines.When the machine is moving in a straight direction and each drive wheel has the same amount of traction, both wheels receive the same amount of load. The same amount of torque is felt on each axle. This torque holds differential bevel pinions (4) so that the differential bevel pinions do not turn on spider (2). This will provide the same effect as if both drive wheels are fastened to the same drive axle.When different loads are put on the drive wheels, differential bevel pinions (4) will turn because the forces are different on the opposite sides of the differential. During a turn, the rotation of the differential bevel pinions will allow a slower rotation of the inside wheel and a faster rotation of the outside wheel. The machine is driven with full power in a turn.Side gears (10) turn against thrust washers (12). The end thrust of the differential bevel pinions (4) against the differential case is taken by a double bearing assembly. The bearing assemblies must be changed in sets of two.Thrust pin (7) in the rear housing provides support for carrier assembly (15). Carrier assembly (15) carries a high thrust load.Shims (17) are located under bearing cage (18). When bearing cage (18) is installed, the shims determine the end play of bearings (19) for bevel pinion (16).Shims (1) affect the tooth contact between bevel gear (9) and bevel pinion (16). Changing the shims would

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