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Refer to "ISO 22241" document series for more information about DEF quality control.Note: Dispose of all fluids according to applicable regulations and mandates.General Characteristics of DEF
For detailed information on the requirements and characteristics of DEF, refer "ISO 22241". For a quick reference, typical characteristics of DEF are given in Table 7.
Table 7
Characteristics for Urea Solutions
Property Unit DEF 32.5 percent
Urea content 32.5 percent (1)
Alkalinity as NH3 Percent 0.2
Density at 20° C (68° F) g/L 1.087 - 1.093 (2)
Refractive Index at 25° C (77° F) 1.381 - 1.384 (3)
Biuret Percent 0.3 max
Aldehydes mg/kg 5 max
Insoluble Matter mg/kg 20 max
Aluminum mg/kg 0.5 max
Calcium mg/kg 0.5 max
Chromium mg/kg 0.2 max
Copper mg/kg 0.2 max
Iron mg/kg 0.5 max
Magnesium mg/kg 0.5 max
Nickel mg/kg 0.2 max
Phosphate (PO4) mg/kg 0.5 max
Potassium mg/kg 0.5 max
Sodium mg/kg 0.5 max
Zinc mg/kg 0.2 max
(1) Acceptable range is 31.8 - 33.2 percent
(2) Target value is 1.090 g/L
(3) Target value is 1.382Coolant Information
The information provided in this “Coolant Recommendation” section should be used with the “Lubricants Information” provided in the latest revision of Special Publication, SEBU6250, "Caterpillar Machine Fluids Recommendations". This manual may be found on the Web at Safety.Cat.com.Due to the use of aluminum radiators, some coolant samples may show lower levels of nitrates or other ELC components as a result of the aluminum. Additional coolant additives may be required to aid with use in aluminum radiators. Consult your Cat dealer.The following two types of coolants may be used in Cat diesel engines:Preferred - Cat ELC (Extended Life Coolant)Acceptable - Cat DEAC (Diesel Engine Antifreeze/Coolant)
Never use water alone as a coolant. Water alone is corrosive at engine operating temperatures. In addition, water alone does not provide adequate protection against boiling or freezing.
Standard Factory Fill Fluids
Table 8
Standard Factory Fill Fluids(1)
Compartment or System Oil Viscosities °C °F
Min Max Min Max
Engine Crankcase SAE 10W-30 -18 40 0 104
Hydraulic Systems Cat HYDO Advanced 10 -20 40 -4 104
Propel Final Drive Cat TDTO
SAE 50 -11 50 20 122
Conveyor Planetary (Auger)
Conveyor Planetary (Drag) Cat GO (Gear Oil)
SAE 85W-140 -10 50 14 122
Generator / Pump Drive SAE 10W -20 50 -4 122
Track Mid Rollers SAE 30 10 50 50 122
Engine Coolant Cat ELC
(1) The machine is delivered from the factory with the designated fluids.

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