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PLATE & FILM GP 1400131 - Caterpillar

1400131 PLATE & FILM GP Caterpillar parts 773D, 775D PLATE
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Caterpillar 1400131 PLATE & FILM GP

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27 Jan 2019
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Compatible equipment models: 1400131:

TRUCK  773D   Caterpillar


Illustration 2 g03419850
(1) Proportional solenoid "A"
(2) Proportional solenoid "B"
(3) Forward combination valve
(4) Interlock valve
(5) Propel pump
(6) To vibe pump case drain
(7) Servo piston
(8) Pump rotating group
(9) Reverse combination valve
(10) Parking brake
(11) Control valve
(12) Rear propel motor
(13) Flushing spool
(14) Flushing relief valve
(15) Parking brake
(16) Front propel motor
(17) Control valve
(18) Flushing spool
(19) Flushing relief valve
(20) Oil cooler
(21) Return manifold
(22) Shift valve
(23) Charge filter
(24) From fan motor The above illustration shows propel hydraulic system under the following conditions:
The parking brake switch is in the OFF position.
The propel mode is set to low.
The propel lever is in the forward range.Charge oil flows to combination valves (3) and (9) and to interlock valve (4). With the parking brake switch in the OFF position, the interlock valve directs charge oil into the piston cavities of parking brakes (10) and (15). The charge pressure in the parking brake piston cavities overcomes the spring force, and the parking brakes release. At the same time, charge oil is also routed to the pump control spool.When the propel mode is set to low, shift valve (22) is not energized. In this case, all of the pistons in the rotating groups of propel motors (12) and (16) receive supply oil. Under these conditions, the motors operate at low speed and full torque.When the machine ECM number-one determines that the machine should be moving forward, the ECM energizes proportional solenoid "A" (1). In this case, the solenoid directs charge oil into the forward side of servo piston (7). The pressure in the forward side of the servo piston causes the pump servo to move. This movement changes the angle of the swashplate in rotating group (8). The stronger the signal to the solenoid, the greater the swashplate angle, and therefore, the greater the oil flow from the propel pump.As the swashplate moves, the feedback linkage tends to move the pump solenoid spool back to neutral through an internal feedback spring. This action prevents the servo piston from tilting the swashplate too far.Supply oil from rotating group (8) flows to the following locations:
Forward combination valve (3)
The forward side of front propel motor (16)
The forward side of rear propel motor (12)
Port "MB" on propel pump (5)The pressure differential between the forward and reverse sides of propel motors (12) and (16) causes the motors to turn. After turning the motors, oil at a reduced pressure flows to the following locations:
Flushing spool (13) and (18) in each motor
The reverse side of rotating group (8)
Port "MA" on propel pump (5)Inside propel pump (5), forward supply oil from the rotating group acts against the relief valve in forward combination valve (3). As long as the pressure in the forward circuit is greater than charge pressure, the makeup valve in the combination valve remains seated. As long as the supply pressure is less than relief pressure, the relief valve in the combination valve remains closed. If pressure in the reverse loop falls below charge pressure, the makeup valve in reverse combination

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Caterpillar SIS

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