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PLATE GP-SCREED 2500736 - Caterpillar

2500736 PLATE GP-SCREED Caterpillar parts 10-20B PLATE
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Caterpillar 2500736 PLATE GP-SCREED

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ASPHALT SCREED  10-20B   Caterpillar
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1. The crankcase oil level dipstick is located under the engine hood on the engine. Unlatch and raise the engine hood. 2. Remove the dipstick to measure the oil level.After thoroughly removing oil on the dipstick, reinsert and pull it out again. The oil level must be between the FULL and ADD marks on the dipstick.Badly contaminated or deteriorated oil should be replaced early regardless of the replacement interval. 3. Remove the oil fill plug and add oil if necessary.4. Clean and install the fill plug.5. Close and latch the engine hood.Hydraulic Oil
Check the HYDO Oil Level
Never remove the cap from the implement hydraulic tank if the oil is hot. Air can enter the system and cause pump damage.
1. The hydraulic oil tank is located on the right side of the machine.2. To measure the hydraulic oil level, place the machine on level ground and lower the bucket to the ground with the stick vertical, as shown above. 3. If clamshell equipped: open clamshell with stick cylinder fully extended and the clamshell on the ground. 4. Maintain the oil level in the low temperature range for a cold machine and in the high temperature range for a machine at normal operating temperature. 5. First, slowly loosen the fill plug to relieve any pressure and remove it.6. Add oil if necessary.7. Clean and install the fill plug.Cooling System
Check the Coolant Level
1. Unlatch and raise the engine hood.2. The coolant reservoir is located behind the hydraulic tank. 3. Coolant level should be between the marks on the coolant reservoir.4. If additional coolant is needed, remove the coolant fill cap of the coolant reservoir and add coolant as necessary. 5. If the coolant reservoir is emptied, add coolant to the radiator. To do this, slowly loosen the fill cap of the radiator to release pressure. 6. Inspect the condition of the cap gasket. Replace the cap gasket if necessary.7. Install the radiator cap.8. Close and latch the engine hood.Fuel Tank
Drain the Water and Sediment
1. Dispose of drained material according to local regulations.2. Open the drain valve located under the fuel tank and allow the water and sediment to drain into a container.3. Close the drain valve.Fill Fuel Tank
Fuel can be added to the tank by removing fuel fill cap on top of tank and using an Electric Fuel Refueling Pump (if equipped).After completion of refueling, be sure to lock the fuel tank cap to protect against vandalism.Backhoe Linkage
Service the new machine every 10 hours only within initial 100 service hours.Also, under severe operating conditions where mud, water, and abrasive material may enter the bearings or after used for the hydraulic hammer operation.Reference "Backhoe Linkage" in Every 50 Service Hours or Weekly.Walk - Around Inspection
Inspect Machine
1. Inspect the implements for damage or excessive wear. Repair if damaged.2. Inspect implement cylinders and linkage for damage or excessive wear. Repair if damaged. 3. Inspect and replace lights, broken bulbs and lenses. 4. Use commercially available window cleaning solutions to clean the windows. 5.

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