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PLATE AS 2501082 - Caterpillar

2501082 PLATE AS Caterpillar parts AS2301 PLATE
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Caterpillar 2501082 PLATE AS
Weight: 12 pounds 5 kg.

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ASPHALT SCREED  AS2301   Caterpillar
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"The European Union Physical Agents (Vibration) Directive 2002/44/EC"
Vibration Data for Track-Type Excavator
Information Concerning Hand/Arm Vibration Level
When the machine is operated according to the intended use, the hand/arm vibration of this machine is below 2.5 meter per second squared.Information Concerning Whole Body Vibration Level
This section provides vibration data and a method for estimating the vibration level for track-type excavators.Note: Vibration levels are influenced by many different parameters. Many items are listed below.
Operator training, behavior, mode and stress
Job site organization, preparation, environment, weather and material
Machine type, quality of the seat, quality of the suspension system, attachments and condition of the equipmentIt is not possible to get precise vibration levels for this machine. The expected vibration levels can be estimated with the information in Table 2 in order to calculate the daily vibration exposure. A simple evaluation of the machine application can be used.Estimate the vibration levels for the three vibration directions. For typical operating conditions, use the average vibration levels as the estimated level. With an experienced operator and smooth terrain, subtract the Scenario Factors from the average vibration level in order to obtain the estimated vibration level. For aggressive operations and severe terrain, add the Scenario Factors to the average vibration level in order to obtain the estimated vibration level.Note: All vibration levels are in meter per second squared.
Table 1
"ISO Reference Table A - Equivalent vibration levels of whole body vibration emission for earthmoving equipment."    
Machine Type    Typical Operating Activity    Vibration Levels    Scenario Factors    
X axis Y axis    Z axis    X axis    Y axis    Z axis    
Track-Type Excavator     excavating     0,44     0,27     0,30     0,24     0,16     0,17    
hydraulic breaker application 0,53     0,31     0,55     0,30     0,18     0,28    
mining application 0,65     0,42     0,61     0,21     0,15     0,32    
transfer 0,48     0,32     0,79     0,19     0,20     0,23    Note: Refer to "ISO/TR 25398 Mechanical Vibration - Guideline for the assessment of exposure to whole body vibration of ride on operated earthmoving machines" for more information about vibration. This publication uses data that is measured by international institutes, organizations and manufacturers. This document provides information about the whole body exposure of operators of earthmoving equipment. Refer to Operation and Maintenance Manual, SEBU8257, "The European Union Physical Agents (Vibration) Directive 2002/44/EC" for more information about machine vibration levels.The Caterpillar suspension seat meets the criteria of "ISO 7096". This represents vertical vibration level under severe operating conditions.Guidelines for Reducing Vibration Levels on Earthmoving Equipment
Properly adjust machines. Properly maintain machines. Operate machines smoothly. Maintain

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog
AS2301 Screed AWC00001-UP

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