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PLATE AS-MOUNTING 3236976 - Caterpillar

3236976 PLATE AS-MOUNTING Caterpillar parts 938H PLATE
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 3236976 PLATE AS-MOUNTING
Weight: 1 pounds 0 kg.

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Compatible equipment models: 3236976:

WHEEL LOADER  938H   Caterpillar
Number on catalog scheme: 2
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start by:a) remove fuel injection pump housing and governor
Thoroughly clean the outside of the fuel injection pump housing before the fuel injection pumps are removed.
1. Put the pump housing in position on tool (A). Remove cover (1) from the pump housing. Remove spring (2) for the bypass valve. 2. Loosen the bushing from the pump housing with tool (B). Do not loosen screws (3). If the screws are loosened, the fuel pump adjustment will be changed.3. Remove the fuel injection pump from the housing. The sleeve on the plunger will slide off the lever as the pump is removed.Install Fuel Injection Pumps
1. Put the fuel injection pump in the bore in the pump housing so that sleeve (1) is engaged with lever (2).
If the screws in the levers have been loosened, an adjustment must be made for the fuel pumps. See FUEL PUMP CALIBRATION as shown in TESTING AND ADJUSTING.
2. Tighten the bushing for the fuel pump with wrench (A) to a torque of 70 5 lb.ft. (95 7 N m). 3. Install the spring for the bypass valve. Install cover (3) and make sure the spring is in correct position in the cover.end by:a) install fuel injection pump housing and governorDisassemble Fuel Injection Pumps
start by:a) remove fuel injection pumps 1. Remove the bushing (1) from the bonnet (2).2. Remove the ring (3) from the bonnet and barrel (7). Remove the check valve (6) and spring (4) from the bonnet.3. Remove the spring (8) and washer (5). Remove the plunger (9) and sleeve (10). Keep the plunger and sleeve with their respective barrel for installation. Do not use plungers, sleeves and barrels with other plungers, sleeves and barrels.Assemble Fuel Injection Pumps
1. Install the sleeve (4), plunger (5), spring (2) and washer (3) on the barrel (1). Be sure sleeve and plunger are installed in original barrel, and large hose in plunger is up.2. Install check valve and spring in bonnet. Connect the barrel and bonnet and install the ring. Install the bushing on the bonnet.end by:a) install fuel injection pumps

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Caterpillar parts catalog

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