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PLATE AS LH 3C8714 - Caterpillar

3C8714 PLATE AS LH Caterpillar parts
Alternative (cross code) number:
Caterpillar 3C8714 PLATE AS LH
Weight: 0.21 pounds 0 kg.

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Vehicles that are driven faster consume more fuel. Increasing the cruising speed from 88 km/h (55 mph) to 104 km/h (65 mph) will increase the fuel consumption of a typical Class 8 vehicle by approximately 0.4 km/L (1 mpg). When a vehicle is driven fast in order to allow more time for stops, the stops become very expensive. Cruising allows the engine to operate in the most efficient rpm range (1400 to 2000 rpm).Cruise Control
The functionality of the cruise control can vary depending on the vehicle manufacturer. The Cruise Control switch may be programmed to operate in one of two modes:
The SET position may operate as the SET/ACCEL SWITCH position or the RESUME/DECEL position.
The RESUME position may operate as the SET/DECEL position or the RESUME/ACCEL position.Refer to the markings on the Cruise Control switch or refer to your "Truck Service Manual".Perform the following steps in order to set the Cruise Control:
After accelerating to the desired speed, turn the "ON/OFF" switch to the ON position.
Press the "SET/RESUME" switch to the SET position. The ECM will control the vehicle speed until the clutch pedal or the service brake is depressed or the "ON/OFF" switch is turned to the OFF position.Note: The vehicle can also be accelerated to the desired speed and the cruise control speed can be set by pressing the "SET/RESUME" switch to the ACCEL position.Perform the following step in order to reset the Cruise Control:
Press "RESUME" and the vehicle will return to the set speed. Momentarily pressing or bumping the "SET/RESUME" switch to the ACCEL position will increase vehicle speed by 1 mph. Press the switch to the DECEL position in order to decrease the speed by 1 mph. The operating range of the cruise control has been programmed into the ECM.Soft Cruise Control
The Cruise Control can be programmed to operate in one of two modes, "Soft Cruise = YES" or "Soft Cruise = NO".Soft Cruise Control provides an operating range of 8 km/h (5 mph) around the setting for the cruise control. Engines that are shipped from Cat are programmed to operate in the "Soft Cruise = YES" mode. Soft Cruise Control allows the vehicle to accelerate slightly while the engine is under power. The vehicle can proceed down a hill while momentum is gained for the next hill. Improved fuel economy can be gained in this mode.When "Soft Cruise = NO" is programmed, the "SET" speed is maintained. Consult your Cat dealer for more information. Idle Mode
The cruise control function of the electronic engine works as an engine speed governor when the vehicle is stationary or when the vehicle is operated at a vehicle speed below the idle vehicle speed limit. The engine speed governor is activated and deactivated in the same way as the cruise control.The engine speed governor will operate at any engine rpm from low idle to the maximum idle rpm limit. The maximum idle rpm limit is less than the rated engine rpm. The maximum idle governor speed is a Customer Specified

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