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4415518 PLATE-WEAR(LH) Caterpillar parts PLATE
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Caterpillar 4415518 PLATE-WEAR(LH)

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DO NOT USE ETHER (starting fluids) unless specifically instructed to do so. If the engine is equipped with an Air Inlet Heater (electrically or fuel ignited manifold heater), DO NOT use ether (starting fluids) at any time. The use could result in engine damage and/or personal injury.
The optional automatic ether injection system is the only starting fluid system that is recommended. Excessive starting fluid can cause piston and ring damage. Use starting fluid for cold starting purposes only.
Inject starting fluid only when the engine is cranking.
Dryers for the air system may be effective in reducing moisture condensation and the formation of ice in air systems.
The injection of alcohol may prevent moisture from freezing the air compressor governor and other components of the air system.
For jump starting with cables in cold weather, refer to the Operation and Maintenance Manual for jump starting instructions.Viscosity of the Engine Lubrication Oil
Proper engine oil viscosity is essential. Oil viscosity affects the amount of torque that is needed to crank the engine. Refer to the Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Refill Capacities and Recommendations" for the recommended viscosity of oil.Lubricating Oil Heaters
Note: Oil pan immersion heaters are not recommended for heating the lube oil. To ensure the compatibility of the components, only use equipment that is recommended by Caterpillar.
Heating elements that are in direct contact with the lubricating oil can cause coking of the oil.To aviod coking of the oil when the oil is heated, follow these recommendations:The temperature of the heating surface must not exceed 150 °C (300 °F). The maximum heat density of the heating surface must not exceed 1.24 w/cm2 (8W/in2).
Engine oil pan heaters are useful devices that provide the following functions:
Assist in reducing the cold cranking amperage that is needed to start the engine.
Improve the flow of oil at start-up.
The time that is needed to warm up the engine is reduced.
The service life of bearings is increased.Engine oil pan heaters can reduce the minimum ambient temperatures that are normally recommended for multigrade oil. Consult your dealer for more information.Recommendations for the Coolant
Provide cooling system protection for the lowest expected outside temperature. Refer to the Operation and Maintenance Manual, "Refill Capacities and Recommendations" for the recommended coolant mixture.In cold weather, check the coolant often for the proper glycol concentration in order to ensure adequate freeze protection.Jacket Water Heater
A jacket water heater heats the coolant that surrounds the combustion chamber. This provides the following functions:
Startability is improved.
Warm up time is reduced.
The required temperature for ether is reduced.An electric jacket water heater can be activated once the engine is stopped. An effective jacket water heater is typically a 1250/1500 W unit. Consult your truck dealer for more information.Idling the Engine
When idling after the engine is started in cold weather, increase the engine rpm to 1000 to 1200 rpm. This will warm up the engine more quickly. The engine should not be “raced” in order to speed up the warm up process.While the engine is idling, the application of a light load (parasitic load) will

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