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4Z9327 PLATE AS Caterpillar parts D11R PLATE
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Caterpillar 4Z9327 PLATE AS

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TRACK-TYPE TRACTOR  D11R   Caterpillar
Number on catalog scheme: 3
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Illustration 1 g01217607
Schematic of the ether injection system
Breathing ether vapors or repeated contact of ether with skin can cause personal injury. Personal injury may occur from failure to adhere to the following procedures.Use ether only in well ventilated areas.Do not smoke while changing ether cylinders.Use ether with care to avoid fires.Do not store replacement ether cylinders in living areas or in the operator's compartment.Do not store ether cylinders in direct sunlight or at temperatures above 49 °C (120 °F).Discard cylinders in a safe place. Do not puncture or burn cylinders.Keep ether cylinders out of the reach of unauthorized personnel.To avoid possible injury, be sure the brakes are applied and all controls are in Hold or Neutral when starting the engine.
Test Step 1. Inspect the Electrical Connectors and the Wiring
Remove the electrical power from the ECM.
Illustration 2 g01167488
Location of the J1/P1 connectors (typical engine view) (1) J1/P1 connectors
Illustration 3 g01217609
Components for the ether injection system (typical view) (2) Ether injection solenoid
Thoroughly inspect connectors (1) and (2). Also, thoroughly inspect the connectors for solenoid (3). Refer to the diagnostic functional test Troubleshooting, "Electrical Connectors - Inspect".
Illustration 4 g01215917
Terminal locations at the P1 connector for the ether injection system (P1-18) Solenoid return (P1-20) Ether injection solenoid
Illustration 5 g01155187
Terminal locations at the connector for the ether injection solenoid (Terminal 1) Ether injection solenoid (Terminal 2) Solenoid return
Perform a 45 N (10 lb) pull test on each of the wires that are associated with the ether injection system.
Check the torque of the allen head screws for each of the ECM connectors. Refer to the diagnostic functional test Troubleshooting, "Electrical Connectors - Inspect".
Check the harness and the wiring for abrasion and for pinch points from the ether injection solenoid to the ECM connector.Expected Result:All connectors, pins, and sockets are completely coupled and/or inserted, and the harness and wiring are free of corrosion, of abrasion and of pinch points.Results:
OK - The connectors and the wiring appear to be OK. Proceed to Test Step 2.
Not OK - The connectors and/or the wiring are not OK.Repair: Repair the connectors and/or the wiring. Replace parts, if necessary. Verify that the problem is resolved.STOPTest Step 2. Check the Ether Canisters for Fluid
Ensure that the electrical power is removed from the ECM.
Remove the ether canister from the ether valve.
Determine if the canister is empty.Expected Result:The ether canister is not empty.Results:
OK - The ether canister is not empty. Remove the ether canister from the ether valve for the remainder of this test. Proceed to Test Step 3.
Not OK - The ether canister is empty.Repair: Replace the empty ether canister with a full ether canister. Retry the system.STOPTest Step 3. Check for Signal Voltage at the Harness Connector for the Ether Injection Solenoid
Remove the electrical power from the ECM.
Disconnect the harness connector at the ether injection solenoid.
Restore the electrical power to the ECM.
Proceed to the "Diagnostic Overrides" screen on Cat ET.
Activate the ether injection system. The system will activate for ten seconds.
Check for a signal voltage between the terminals at the harness connector for the ether injection

Caterpillar parts catalog:

Caterpillar parts catalog
D11R Custom Parts Manual Track-Type Tractor 8ZR00001-UP (MACHINE) POWERED BY 3508 Engine

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