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QUADRANT 2H9915 - Caterpillar

2H9915 QUADRANT Caterpillar parts D337 QUADRANT
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Caterpillar 2H9915 QUADRANT
Weight: 1 pounds 0 kg.

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MARINE ENGINE  D337   Caterpillar
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Power Train Testing And Adjusting (Direct Drive) - 931C 5LG
Location Of The Pressure Taps
All tests and adjustments must be made with the oil in the power train hydraulic system at normal temperature for operation. Make sure that the linkage adjustments are correct before any tests are made.
Location Of Pressure Taps
(A) Oil pump. (B) Flywheel clutch. (C) Flywheel clutch supply. (D) Lube.
Location Of Pressure Taps
(E) Transmission brake.
Flywheel Clutch And Transmission Brake Control Valve
(1) Priority valve. (2) Spacers. (3) Flywheel clutch relief valve.
Flywheel Clutch And Transmission Brake Control Valve
(4) Spacers. (5) Transmission brake relief valve. Circulation And Scavenge Oil Pump Bench Test Specifications
Type ... GearNumber of sections ... TwoRotation (seen from drive end) ... Clockwise Transmission Charging Section:Output ... 38 liter/min (10 U.S. gpm)At a pump speed of ... 1800 rpmAt a pressure of ... 2450 kPa (355 psi) Scavenge Section:Output ... 50 liter/min (13 U.S. gpm)At a pump speed of ... 1600 rpmAt a pressure of ... 70 kPa (10 psi)Flywheel Clutch And Transmission Brake Valve
Test Procedure
To check for proper adjustment of the internal linkage for the flywheel clutch and transmission brake control valve, perform the following procedure:1. Make sure that the linkage from the clutch pedal to the control valve is adjusted correctly. See FLYWHEEL CLUTCH LINKAGE ADJUSTMENT.
(1) Start switch. (B) Flywheel clutch pressure tap.
Shift Fork Housing And Manifold Assembly
(E) Transmission brake pressure tap.2. Install the correct fittings, hoses and 4150 kPa (600 psi) pressure gauges in clutch and brake pressure taps (B) and (E).3. Shift the transmission to NEUTRAL, depress the clutch pedal and start the engine. If the engine will not start, check switch (1) to make sure that it is closed when the clutch pedal is fully depressed. If it is not closed, the valve linkage will have to be adjusted before pressure checks can be made. (See Step 8.)4. With the clutch pedal fully depressed, brake pressure should be 1475 kPa (215 psi) and clutch pressure should be 0 kPa (0 psi).5. Begin to slowly release clutch pedal. After a small amount of pedal movement, brake pressure should drop to 0 kPa (0 psi) and clutch pressure should remain at 0 kPa (0 psi).6. Continue to release the clutch pedal. After a small amount of additional movement, the flywheel clutch pressure should begin to rise. Clutch pressure should reach 1400 kPa (205 psi) by the time the clutch pedal is fully released.7. If the pressures were not correct in the above checks, adjust the shims in the proper valve. (See shim chart).8. If the start switch did not close with the clutch pedal fully depressed, or the test gauges indicated that both the flywheel clutch and the transmission brake had pressure at the same time, use the following procedure to adjust the internal valve linkage.Adjustment Procedure for Flywheel Clutch and Transmission Brake Valve Internal Linkage
This adjustment must be made with the control valve, manifold and shift fork housing removed from the tractor. This can be removed as a unit. In the following procedure,

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Caterpillar parts catalog
D337 MARINE ENGINE 23B00300-00455

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