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0876821 RADIATOR Caterpillar parts RADIATOR
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Caterpillar 0876821 RADIATOR

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Fuel Rail Pressure Test
This test raises the fuel pressure in the high-pressure fuel rail to 180000 kPa (26107 psi) for 1 minute at 1300 rpm.After this test has been run, allow the fuel pressure to drop to a safe level. The fuel system can then be inspected for signs of leakage.DEF Dosing System Accuracy Test
This test is used with the DEF Test Kit to measure the amount of DEF that the SCR dosing system is delivering. The test can also be used to confirm that there is an acceptable spray pattern from the DEF Injector.Note: The DEF injector must be removed from the exhaust system during this test and placed in an appropriate container. Failure to do so could result in issues with the SCR system operation. Refer to Testing and Adjusting, "Aftertreatment SCR System Dosing Test".Note: The injector tip must be cleaned with de-ionized water after the accuracy test. Failure to do so may cause crystallization around the injector tip during the next driving cycleDEF Dosing System Purge Test
This test verifies that the DEF purging process is working correctly by purging the DEF pump and lines.This service test is used to purge the DEF system. This test turns on the DEF purging pump, causing the DEF to be pumped from the injector back into the tank. Purging allows the system to de-pressurize and empty prior to repair work.DEF Dosing System Verification Test
This test primes the dosing system. The test is used to ensure that the DEF pump is able to build and hold adequate pressure. The test will also check that there are no leaks across the DEF dosing system.This test turns on the DEF pump. During this time, the DEF pump will pressurize the entire DEF dosing system. The DEF pump will purge the system at the end of the test.After this test has been run, allow the DEF pump pressure to drop to a safe level. The DEF dosing system can then be inspected for signs of leakage.Calibrations
In the electronic service tool, go to the following menu options:Select the "Service" tab.Select the "Calibrations" option.Calibrations Listed in the Engine ECM Menu
Injector Codes Calibration
Whenever an injector is replaced, the injector must be trimmed. Trimming the injector calibrates all the injectors to deliver the same amount of fuel. The Injector Codes Calibration allows the injector trim code information to be programmed into the ECM. After the injector is calibrated, the calibration data is checked for validity.When new injectors are installed, record the serial numbers of each injector and input using the electronic service tool. Refer to Troubleshooting, "Injector Code - Calibrate" for more information.Service Procedures
In the electronic service tool, go to the following menu options:Select the "Service" tab.Select the "Service Procedures" optionService Procedures Listed in the ECM Menu
Aftertreatment Sulfation Recovery Procedure - Part 1
Note: Electronic service tool version 2017B or later is required to perform this procedure.Note: Use the electronic service tool to disable "Engine Idle Shutdown" and/or "User Defined Shutdown", if enabled, before performing this procedure.

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