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RECEPTACLE AS 3904641 - Caterpillar

3904641 RECEPTACLE AS Caterpillar parts RECEPTACLE
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Caterpillar 3904641 RECEPTACLE AS
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Illustration 1 g02350524
(1) Work tool solenoid valve
(2) Line for work tool (return)
(3) Line relief valve
(4) Line for work tool (supply)
(5) Proportional solenoid valve for negative flow control
(6) Main control valve
(7) Auxiliary control valve
(8) Attachment control valve
(9) Line relief valve
(10) Line relief valve
(11) Machine ECM
(12) Foot switch
(13) Right joystick (three buttons)
(14) Left pedal
(15) Drive pump
(16) Idler pump
(17) Pilot manifold
(18) Pilot pump
(19) Hydraulic tank
Illustration 2 g01214885
(12) Foot switch for the work tool
Illustration 3 g01214883
(13) Right joystick (three button)
Illustration 4 g01214880
(14) Left pedal
(A) Lock pin
(B) ONE-WAY FLOW position
(C) LOCKED position
(D) TWO-WAY FLOW position System 16 is used for work tools that require pressurized hydraulic flow in one direction.
Illustration 5 g01194313
(1) Work tool solenoid valve Note: System 16 is controlled by one of the following: joystick (three button) , electric foot pedal and electric foot switch. The following procedure is for a machine that is equipped with a foot switch. The operation of machines that are equipped with another device for activation of the work tool is accomplished in the same manner.The work tool is operated by foot switch (12) that is located in the cab. Foot switch (12) provides a signal to machine ECM (11). When the ECM receives a signal, the ECM sends power to work tool solenoid valve (1).Pilot pump (18) supplies oil to pilot manifold (15). When the hydraulic activation lever is moved to the UNLOCK position, pilot oil flows from pilot manifold (15) to work tool solenoid valve (1). When foot switch (12) is depressed, pilot oil flows to both auxiliary control valve (7) and to attachment control valve (8). The pilot oil will shift the spool in the valves to the DOWNWARD position to allow oil from drive pump (17) to flow through attachment control valve (8).Shifting the spools also allows oil from idler pump (16) to flow through auxiliary control valve (7). The hydraulic oil from the two pumps combines after the oil passes through both valves. The pump oil flows through line (4) to the work tool. Return oil from the work tool flows through line (2) back to hydraulic tank (19).The machine ECM sends a signal to the proportional solenoid valve for negative flow control (6). Negative flow control pressure in the center bypass passage is blocked when the valve spools shift DOWNWARD. The machine ECM has programmed parameter values "NAME", "MAX DIAL", and "MIN DIAL" for flow and pressure for the work tool. The machine ECM calculates the negative flow control pressure that will be supplied to the pump regulator. The negative flow control pressure forces the swashplate in right pump (17) and left pump (16) to the correct angle to limit the flow and pressure to the work tool.

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