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RING-CENTERING 1400167 - Caterpillar

1400167 RING-CENTERING Caterpillar parts RING
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Caterpillar 1400167 RING-CENTERING
Weight: 2 pounds 0 kg.

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High pressures are present in the accumulator. Wait until the oil in the hydraulic system has cooled. Slowly loosen the cap on the hydraulic tank and release the pressure in the hydraulic system. Make sure all hydraulic pressure has been released from the system. Incorrect handling or discharging of the accumulator can cause serious bodily injury. The following procedures must be followed.
1. Remove protective covers (1) from the accumulators.2. Install tooling (A) and slowly relieve the pressure in the accumulator. If the pressure in the accumulator can not be released with tooling (A), slowly loosen valve (2) one turn to permit the release of the pressure in the accumulator. 3. Disconnect two hydraulic lines (3) from the accumulators.4. Disconnect two wires (4) and put on marks for identification. 5. Fasten a hoist to accumulators (5) as shown.6. Remove bolts (6) and the accumulators as a unit. The weight of the accumulators is 160 lb. (73 kg). 7. Fasten a hoist to the accumulator.8. Remove the bolt clamp (7) and the accumulator. The weight of the accumulator is 70 lb. (32 kg).Install Blade Cushion Accumulator
1. Fasten a hoist to the accumulator and install in bracket (2). Install clamp (1) and the bolt that holds the clamp in position. 2. Fasten a hoist to accumulators (3) as shown. Put the accumulators into position. 3. Install the bolts and clamp (4). Connect oil lines (5) to the accumulator.4. Connect wires (6).5. Charge the accumulators. See TESTING AND ADJUSTING.
Where the accumulators are charged high pressures are present. Incorrect charging of the accumulators can cause serious bodily injury.
Disassemble Blade Cushion Accumulator
START BY:a) remove blade cushion accumulator 1. Discharge the accumulator with tooling (A).
If valve core (1) is damaged it is possible for the accumulator to have a nitrogen force inside it. Use extreme caution when the valve core is removed. Slowly loosen valve (2) one turn to permit the release of the pressure in the accumulator.
2. Remove valve core (1) from the accumulator carefully.3. Remove valve (2) from the accumulator. 4. Push down on valve (3) for clearance.5. Remove lockring (5) and retainer segments (4) from the accumulator. 6. With the use of two bars (6), remove the valve. 7. Remove O-ring seal (8) and backup ring (9) from head (7).8. Loosen the locknut and remove head (7) from the valve. 9. Remove the nut, washer, coil (11) and cartridge (10). 10. Remove O-ring seals (12) and (13) and backup seal (14). 11. Push down on head (16).12. Remove lockring (17) and retainer segments (15).13. Push head (16) and the piston out of the accumulator cylinder. 14. Remove wear ring (18) and seal assembly (19) from the piston.Assemble Blade Cushion Accumulator
1. Inspect all parts for wear or damage. Make a replacement if necessary.2. Put a small amount of clean oil on all machined surfaces and seals.3. Install wear ring (1) and seal assembly (2). 4. Install backup ring and O-ring seal (4) on head (3). The backup ring goes on the side of

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